June Employee of the Month: Paige Burns


The FnEZ June Employee of the Month is… Paige Burns! One of our newest Leaders in the field, Paige (…or should we say Leona?) has proven herself quickly to be a tremendous asset to our ever growing and evolving family. Congratulations Paige! Keep doing what you’re doing!


Like a lot of our leading staff, we met Paige on the road. She was chilling on one of our favorite beaches in Costa Rica when she was introduced to the wonderful world of FnEZ. With her mix of excellent Spanish, super chill vibe, and love of all things nature, we knew she had to come be a part of our Central America trips.


Growing up by the ocean, Paige is a self proclaimed mermaid! She is no stranger to the beauty of beaches, waves, and the magic of the coast. Having visited Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica multiple times with her parents in the last few years she was also no stranger to the Pura Vida lifestyle of the Caribbean.

After finishing school in Spanish Literature and LGBTQ+ Studies, Paige moved to Puerto Viejo to work at her favourite cantina. However, fate had a different idea in mind, and the whirlwind of being a FnEZ Leader took over.


Paige trained on our Central trips through NicaraguaCosta Rica, and Panama, and quickly made the leap to our absolutely thrilling Peru trip! With her huge heart and open mind, she’s the perfect fit for this adventurous trip. Her deep connection with nature and respect for ancient cultures and traditions will make your time there fulfilling and meaningful alongside this free spirit.


Don’t be fooled though, Paige still knows how to throw down! The woman loves to party and show everyone that it’s okay to dance like nobody’s watching. She reminds people that it’s okay to be open and proud of who you are! Plus, if you ever find yourself on a travel day with her, make sure to play a game of Monopoly Deal with Paige. She’ll probably end up teaching you a thing or two.

Yes, this is a strong lioness we have on our hands. As Josh, a fellow Caribbean FnEZ Leader, put it: She’s the only girl I’ve ever seen crush an entire double overhead burger (2 patties and and egg on a fully loaded burger). Keep breaking those barriers, Paige!


Paige’s love of yoga, Sumo the dog, being the first to hop in a mud puddle, ballet, and trees makes this well rounded human a special treat in your family tree! Take a look at what some her past Group Members have had to say: 

I thought it was great to have a positive person like Paige always in my ear. She was so great for making people feel like anything was possible. I loved that she was always there to create jokes and to be able to change a tense situation into something good. Paige helped me to appreciate a lot more in nature and about healing. I am VERY thankful that Paige is leading the Peru Trip. I am so pleased with her and this whole experience.

Paige is like Machu Picchu Mountain- she is strong and solid, but also malleable. She is truly herself, but like Machu Picchu mountain, I think we all learned from her and took something away. In the same breath, Paige is willing to learn. She’s open to the challenges she meets and to growing. Thanks for being one of our mountains, Paige.

Paige is such a passionate person and you could feel her energy and passion so strongly that I know she will conquer Peru so quickly, develop a strong knowledge base and be the most amazing leader. For being such a fresh face to FnEZ she comes off as very experienced.


By pushing herself to try new things, Paige has learned as much as possible about Peru, making genuine connections with group members and locals alike. She’s also conquered the incredible feats of The Colca Canyon, Machu Picchu, and the Rainbow Mountain, proving that if a mermaid can hike, then so can you! Her fellow leaders all agree that her growth in leading, and her personal growth, has been astounding! We can’t wait to see what else she gets up to!

Be a part of her story:

She’ll be back out in Peru this fall and, lucky for you, there’s still room for you on our trips: Sept 24 – Oct 13 and Oct 17- Nov 5: Spend Halloween in Peru with Paige!

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