June Employees of the Month: The Mediterranean Team

We have absolutely incredible leading teams all over the world: Southeast Asia, Central America, and Latin America. But one of our littlest leading teams is in the Mediterranean.

We are currently running trips to GreeceSpain, and Portugal, and our two very capable logistics coordinators/leaders, Jimi and Evan, have started their season off with a bang! We couldn’t help but recognize them for their amazing organizational skills, professional leading abilities, and all around fantastic attitudes. Way to go guys! Congratulations!


Jimi just joined us last spring, but he has already made a lasting impression and we couldn’t be more happy with the job he’s done to date. With his charming smile and witty humour, he’s a great cohort to have on the road.

Jimi has an awesome attention to detail, but he is also able to see the bigger picture, making him a great logistics coordinator that we can count on. Being on a trip with Jimi is non-stop hilarity, good times, and incredible dance moves. He is always up to try new things, which keeps our trips fresh and on the cutting edge of the off-the-beaten-path spots in Greece, Spain, and Portugal.


Evan is our vet out in the Mediterranean. He’s in the middle of his fourth season and he’s only getting better with age. His years of experience in the Mediterranean cultures makes him an overflowing fountain of information and fun facts! Have a question about Greek history? Ask Evan. Want to know more about how Spain became Spain? Ask Evan. Need the cheapest beer in Lisbon? Ask Evan.

He has an abundance of knowledge of restaurants, activities, and hole in the wall bars that you can only get by spending the amount of time there that he has. To top it all off, Evan is a hoot to travel with! His sense of humour and relaxed attitude make for a great group experience.


Together they are the Mediterranean Leading Duo! Even though they come from very different places and have two totally different personalities, they are the perfect match! In fact, it’s how different they are that makes them so compatible! Evan and Jimi each offer different strengths and knowledge bases, so you can be sure that everything is covered with both of them around! Their friendship has grown over the last year into a true bromance.

So what brings these two together? Well, they are both positive thinkers, problem solvers, and hilarious storytellers. But it’s fair to say that it’s their love of adventures around the world that really solidifies their bond.


They both respond to emails promptly, get excited for new challenges, and stay one step ahead. This makes the jobs of everyone back at the home office so much easier and smoother. We couldn’t be happier to work with such amazing guys! If you are traveling with Evan and Jimi this summer, get ready for a wild ride! Keep an eye out for Joni, the Sleeve-Monster, and strawpedos (just go, you’ll get it).


Don’t believe the hype? Here are some of their reviews from this year:

“The first thing that comes to mind is that he took the time to get to know everyone in the group which is amazing, but a particularly impressive trait is how he can down a breezer in 2-3 seconds.” (About Evan)

“I just think Jimi has such a strength in getting you to see something from a different angle. He can almost always put a positive spin on something or ask you questions to make you look at a situation differently. If you’re not growing and evolving as you travel you’re doing it wrong and Jimi is amazing at helping to facilitate that growth. He’s just so great!” (About Jimi)

“I loved pretty much every place we visited and the way the trip was structured, but most of all I loved Evan and Jimi, they’re amazing leaders and they work really well together. All in all it was a great trip, I do wish it lasted longer!”

“The destinations on this trip were all wonderful with the perfect amount of activities and relaxing time in each place. I really enjoyed the hikes that we did in Crete. I can’t say enough good things about Jimi and Evan. You just want to spend time with them because they’re both such wonderful people and so much fun. We definitely had no shortage of fun but they also have your back and will support you if you need it.”

“I think the trip and the leaders exceeded all of my expectations. Evan and Jimi did an excellent job of balancing their roles as our group leaders and as our friends. The trip was an amazing experience and I think Evan and Jimi greatly contributed to it. The pace of the trip was great, and I feel like I was always equipped with the information I needed to fully enjoy the experience. I would not have changed a thing about the trip. It seemed to me that Jimi and Evan put in a lot of effort to be organized and to make sure that everyone was having a great time.”


Join these two on one of our amazing Mediterranean trips next year! 2019 dates now available in GreeceSpain, and Portugal! Hop on a 10 or 20 day trip or combine them all for the Magnificent Mediterranean: a 40-day adventure through the Old World!

Congrats again Jimi and Evan, we are all so appreciative of your professionalism, teamwork, and belly laughs. Keep it up!


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