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March Employee of the Month: Andrew Fortnum

Posted by Free & Easy Family on Dec 13, 2018 10:33:24 AM

Hometown: Uxbridge, Ontario

Favourite Attributes: My ability to be a source of comfort and compassion to people.

Languages: English, basic Thai

Favourite Travel Destination: Cheow Lan Lake, Khao Sok National Park—Most beautiful and peaceful place I have found on this planet so far.

What countries have you traveled to? Canada, USA, Belgium, France, Spain, Austria, Hungry, Germany, Luxemberg, Holland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico, China, Korea, Philippines, Dominican Republic, Japan, Indonesia, Nepal

Why Do You Travel? As a teen I worked in a Nursing home and realized very early that you will not regret taking risks, you will only regret the life you did not live. Traveling changes your prespective and opens your eyes to new ways of thinking.

I have a Master’s in Education but I have learned more from trekking in the Himalayas, playing with street children in Cambodia, and swimming in the Pacific Ocean than I did in any lecture. Traveling allows one to grow and evolve as a person. I have met so many incredible and inspiring people on my journey who have forever shaped who I am as a person.

I travel to learn and to grow.


For the month of March we’d like to feature a member of our guiding team who was instrumental in beginning our Share the Love volunteer trips: Andrew Fortnum! Before joining us, Andrew held down jobs as a surf instructor in Australia, an English Language Instructor in South Korea, and even worked on the world’s largest sheep milking farm in New Zealand. He’s always shared our love for education through travel and our vision of caring for the local environments and communities that we visit, so after earning his Master’s degree in Education he presented himself as a perfect fit as a Free & Easy guide.


After leading a successful season of trips around Thailand, Andrew brought forth his vision of a 10-day volunteer trip visiting the rural hilltribe communities of Northern Thailand. With his compassionate heart and experience developing similar programs, we knew we found the man to help us give back to a country we love so much with a very unique and hands-on approach. After tons and tons of research, Andrew ran our first ever Share the Love trip in March 2015. It was huge success with one trip member calling it “an eye opening, humbling, life-altering experience”!


Right now, Andrew is currently fulfilling yet another life goal as he is currently completing a 17-day trek to the Everest Base camp in Nepal! He will be returning to Thailand to run our next Share the Love trip happening this June!

If you’ve been on a trip with Andy, help him win TourRadar’s 2016 Guide of the Year by reviewing your trip with him –>

Also follow along on his adventures on Instagram @andy_fnez or on the FnEZ snapchat at @insideFNEZ.

“Andy was an exceptional guide. His passion, organization and dedication not only to FnEZ but also to the local villagers was outstanding. Andy truly is an asset to Free and Easy and any group members that have the privilege of being in his group! I was truly honoured to work alongside Andy, P Dow, Ping and Nu. What an amazing group and a life changing experience! They put their heart and soul into the trip, which was infectious.” -Trip Member Sarah

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