March Employee of the Month: Chelsea Autor

Congratulations Chelsea Autor! You are Free & Easy Traveler’s Ms March! We couldn’t be more stoked to have you on our team, and we are so impressed with what an amazing job you’ve been doing! Keep up the awesome work! Read on to find out how Chelsea has wowed us and our travelers in her short time with us.


Chelsea started with us a mere 6 months ago, but her prior experience in the adventure travel industry gave us all the confidence we needed, and we couldn’t be happier with her! She lead her first trip with us without missing a beat, creating a welcoming atmosphere for our travelers and nurturing a mutual love with her fellow Free & Easy leaders. Her unique, fun, and adventurous spirit is precisely what we love to see in a leader, not to mention her amazing photos and timely responses. This beachside professional has it going on!


Chelsea has an amazing respect for Thailand, and has made some truly wonderful Thai friends. Chelsea’s connection with the locals is a great thing to see, and it shows on trips when she can connect new travelers to the heart and soul of Thailand: its people. It also shows in her poi skills, a popular sport in Thailand! You might even be lucky enough to watch her spin in a real show!


If you want pictures to remember your adventure by, get on one of Chelsea’s trips! She always takes amazing photos of everyone during the trip, and shares them generously. This is also great, because she’s constantly catching all of the fun/embarrassing moments on Snapchat… so this is really a warning to watch out for Chelsea.


Chelsea is notorious for her practical jokes, Full Moon Party make-up, and her backpacking wardrobe. Like we said, watch out for Chelsea: she’s always ready with a joke, a good prank, a good scare, and of course, an ice (if you don’t know what icing is, you will about 5 minutes after meeting Chelsea). She can somehow travel light, but still be the most stylish backpacker around. Plus, she can pull costumes together in a snap for any occasion. Take the Full Moon Party for example. Check out some of her masterpieces below:




Speaking of the Full Moon Party, Chelsea actually has an ongoing tattoo on her leg that tallies the number of times she’s gone to this epic event. Her number rivals most of the other leaders in the field, in the high teens! Now that’s commitment! This beautiful soul has an energy that never quits. Even in her downtime, she is thoughtful and conscious.


Check out what a few of her fellow leaders had to say about working with Chelsea:

“She has such a great personality and style of leading she makes sharing the stage with her a complete breeze.”

“If you get iced and don’t know who it was it was definitely her even if she isn’t in the same country as you!”

“Chelsea is an absolute beauty to lead a trip with. She makes every day unique and is always challenging the people around her to do something crazy.”

“At the lake and in Railay especially, people get ready for a good time when Chelsea’s bringing a group into town!”


Keep it up Chelsea, and congratulations! People like you make Free & Easy Traveler what it is: unique, fun, adventurous, and full of surprises! See you on the beach.

Check Chelsea and FnEZ out on Instagram for some more epic shots of her and our destinations: @a_utor & @FnEZ

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