March Employee of the Month: Cody Webber

Mr. March is none other than Cody Webber. This May, Cody will be celebrating 6 years working with FnEZ! Cody doubles as a veteran leader who knows how to show group members the best time, and a self-taught photographer who captures epic memories all around the world.

EOTM Mar 2019 Cody Webber

Those of us who are stuck working in the office are so impressed with Cody’s natural ability to show people a good time while still getting the job done, “Cody is the friendliest, most positive, kind and enthusiastic guy you could ever meet. You can’t have a bad time if he’s your leader.”

But those of us who are lucky enough to work while gallivanting around the world are also just as impressed with Cody, “Cody was one of my training leaders and I can say confidently that I would not be the leader I am today if it wasn’t for him. He is so knowledgeable about every country he leads in and if he is going to a new destination he makes sure to do as much research as he can in order to be the best leader he can be.”

A fun fact about Cody is that he lets his co-leaders (aka family), give him stick and poke tattoos, “They’re all a little jagged and poorly done but Cody loves them cause his friends gave them to him. They’re like his crazy version of a friendship bracelet. He’s also tattooed himself a few times!”

cody webber

When people think of Cody, the first word that often comes to mind is goofy. Which makes a lot of sense, considering his love of crazy costumes, “One of my favourite memories of Cody is from Nica New Years 2017 when he wore an old man wig for a whole night and didn’t take it off once, the guy is committed to his costumes!”

Yes, he really leaves room in his backpack to lug around some of the most colourful tights and crazy hats you can find, Leave it to Cody for always having the look down! He’s got paternal and hats galore, and he rocks them well. During Songkran one year he bought an inflatable hammer and instead of splashing people he was running around the streets banging people with this air filled toy hammer.”

cody webber costume-1

But there’s more to Cody than that. He’s also someone you can talk to about the deep stuff as well, “The guy has such a big heart and anyone who is lucky enough to spend some time with him will have a permanent smile on their face when they are around him. Cody makes sure that everyone feels included and he creates a special connection with each individual on his trips.”

“As crazy and wild as Cody can seem – behind all the pirate tights and joking around, he’s a super genuine friend and you can always rely on him to support you in a good cry, a belly laugh or anything else you may need. Honestly he is so sincere and just wants his friends to know he loves them!”

Cody is a natural born leader. So much so, that it truly resonates with the newbie leaders he’s tasked with training, “He is so passionate about leading trips and it genuinely shows. When I was trained by Cody I was confident that he was training me to truly give our travellers the BEST time he could. And he sure does! Whether it’s a game of monopoly deal, a frisbee sesh, taking epic photos or having one too many beers at the lake house Cody is a guaranteed good time!!”

cody webber group

Our group members love having Cody as their leader, Lead as long as you can, you are someone who can teach a lot of things to new travellers and young people. Your way of being respectable and smart yet quirky and fun can show people who are afraid to leave their comfort zones to be more free.”

And they can’t stop gushing about how great he is, “Cody has the whole package. He’s fun, energetic, knowledgeable, and not only is your leader and takes initiative and authority but can also be your friend and a person you can rely on. He has all the qualities that a leader needs. He’s honest and has integrity, he’s passionate about Free & Easy and every place we go to, respectable but also knows when the right time to have fun and joke around with us.”

cody rinjani

And to top it all off, Cody leaves a lasting impression on everybody he meets, “What I will remember most about Cody is heart, and his sense of humour. I have endless amounts of memories of Cody that I will cherish for a lifetime. From his funny jokes, to his hilarious and unique phrases, Cody is one of a kind. He bonded with all of us in his own way, making us feel special and all loved individually. Only laughter and happy memories flood my head as I look back on my trip, and know that Cody was part of the reason. My main memory of Cody that I will have, is the memory of this entire trip. He and Jas were the ones that made my trip so special, and they are the best kind of memories, these people, their friendship.”

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication Cody. You are one of a kind and we couldn’t be happier to have a gem like you on our team.

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