March Employee of the Month: Kyle Wright


Kyle came on the FnEZ scene traveling with her brother in 2015. She did a 60-day trip through LTC (Laos, Thailand, Cambodia) and Indonesia, and has also done a 20-day Philippines trip and our unreal 10-day Nicaragua New Years trip. After getting to know Kyle on our trips, she became a Trip Leader for Free and Easy Traveler in Winter 2016. (Coming on our trips really is the best way to get a job with us!) Since then, Kyle took on the challenging task of leading a lot of different trips in a short period of time. (Spoiler alert: she nailed it!)


You’ll recognize Kyle by her barefeet, a pair of Lennon sunglasses on her face, a Joma sandwich in her hand, and a chill vibe all around her. She’s a compassionate traveler when it comes to people and the world. Petting every animal she sees, and a proud supporter of our GIs (Global Initiatives), Kyle’s kindness knows no boundaries. Are you a foodie? Get on one of Kyle’s trips. She’s got great recommendations at the local restaurants and loves food just as much as you do!


Punctual, pumped up, and passionate, Kyle has shown her true colours as a kind, calm, and caring leader. She has a great understanding of the dynamic of South East Asia. She’ll don pigtails and face paint and dance her way through the night at a Full Moon Party, but she’ll be up before dawn in order to take groups to watch the sunrise at Angkor Wat. Kyle gets so excited everytime she goes somewhere, even if she’s been there ten times, that it’s like it’s her first time. Her positivity is contagious, and never-ending.


But don’t take our word for it. Here are some quotes from her past Trip Members:

“Kyle was very supportive of balancing independence with group time. When I suggested I wanted to do a independent activity she was very supportive and wanted to hear all about it when I was back. When we were with our group she was a great group facilitator and made sure everyone was having a good time.”

“Kyle was definitely in her element in Thailand. She was great at communicating with the locals and I was always happy when she would explain things to us.”

“When we first got to the airport I was super nervous and uncomfortable but Kyle was so outgoing and kind and helpful she made me feel so much more at ease so quickly. In the van ride from the airport she was so eager to get to know all of us and that showed me how much she genuinely cared about all of us! Anytime I ever had a question or problem Kyle was quick to answer and help. Every time I saw her she always asked how I was doing and it was nice knowing she really cared about how I was!”


Family is important to Kyle, and we are so lucky to have her as a part of ours. So if you want to spoil Kyle while she’s out on the road, take her for a Thai massage, hand her a fresh coconut, and make sure she’s got her eye mask before a long bus ride!


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