March Traveler of the Month: Tyler Allen

Traveler Name: Tyler Allen

 Hometown: Leicester City, UK

Occupation: Software Developer

Trips I’ve taken with FnEZ: 40 days LTC, 20 days Vietnam, 20 days Southern Thailand


Countries I’ve traveled to otherwise: Australia, Austria, France, Holland, South Africa and Ireland

Why I travel: It is where I find my true happiness. I have met some of the best people traveling who I will always love and have amazing memories with. It forces you out of your comfort zone and into a new environment where you learn so much about yourself and the culture you are in. I have not found anything even close to the feeling I get during a trip and have no plans of stopping anytime soon.

My favourite travel memory with FnEZ: Oh man, so many memories! The tattoo nights at Koh Chang, cycling around and leading ducks in Phong Nha, diving and watching the sunset in Koh Phi Phi, bowling in Luang Prabang, all the Picolo games, my birthday at Otres Beach in Cambodia, being given my first shotgun key, the list goes on. But there are 3 that will always stand out for me.

The Jungle Trek on the LTC. Sweat (so much sweat), amazing people, beers, games, elephants and beautiful views. I struggle to express how amazing this experience was in words and it is top of my list of experiences to do again. 

Traveling on the back of motorbikes from Hoi An to Hue for a Vietnam travel day. We looked ridicules in our blue waterproof outfits, but whenever I looked over my shoulder I was either looking at a smiling face, gorgeous Vietnam landscape, or my leader Jasmine dancing to music in her head. It was such a great day. 

And BBQ Ribs. There is a place in Nong Khai, where we had a family meal, called Jing Joe Restaurant and it has the best BBQ ribs I have ever had. Seriously, I think about those ribs on a weekly basis.


My most embarrassing travel story: I have way too many to share, from a tiger balm incident at the Northern Thailand lake house on the LTC, to some very strange Picolo activities in Koh Phangan. But the one that stands out was the time I kissed a lady boy. The group decided to go and watch a lady boy show and get feet massages at the back of a night market. Toward the end, one of the acts decided to come into the audience and asked where I was from in a very manly and deep voice. She then asked for a kiss on the cheek which she then turned into the lips as I was leaning in. She was awesome, and we got a picture together, but the rest of the group never let me live that down.


Top 3 items I can’t travel without:

  • Battery Pack – That last thing you want is a dead phone or camera on a travel day.
  • Camera – Got to capture those moments for the gram.
  • Picolo – Best drinking game ever.


What I love about traveling with FnEZ: I fell in love with a lot of things when traveling with Free & Easy. The ease, the family vibe, the local contacts and respect toward and from the company wherever we went. But the one thing that stood out the most for me were the leaders. They are knowledgeable, respectable, responsible and loving childish idiots who you cannot help but adore and have such a fun time with. Even if some are always falling over, struggle to climb stairs or spilling ranch dressing over themselves, they will always be there for you and make your trip what it is, which is epic. Love them.

Next bucket list item I need to check off: Lots of small things I want to do but working aboard is my big goal! The 9 to 5 office life is not for me! Anyone have a bar that is hiring??

My future travel plans: So many plans for the next couple of years! So far this year, Croatia Yacht Life with Ultra Extension is a definite yes, with hopefully Indonesia or Peru just after. Then go into the new year in style with the Nicaragua New Year’s trip.


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