May Employee of the Month: Ben Godfrey

Our May Employee of the Month is the constant ray of sunshine, Ben Godfrey!

EOTM May Ben Godfrey

Ben G is a Trip Leader in Thailand and the Philippines and has led the second most number of days in Free & Easy leader history! He has a whopping 1135 days under his belt!

His fellow Trip Leader’s love to work with him, “He is nothing short of an absolute pleasure to be around. The amount of passion Ben has for his group members, contacts/friends and co-leaders shines through every single day he is out here. And that’s a lot of days… Ben G has literally been crushing out trips for YEARS!”


There’s a reason Ben has made it to this incredible milestone! He is incredibly caring, loves to party, gets shit done, and is an all around amazing person to be around. Our Trip Leaders and group members instantly gravitate toward him, and for good reason! 

But don’t take it from us, here’s what a group member had to say, Instantly got along with Ben, guy is hilarious. Big heart, wouldn’t harm a fly and can put em’ back with the best of the best. In all seriousness though he was extremely knowledgeable on the country/culture, absolutely willing to go out of his way to make everyone happy/comfortable and just an all around great dude.”


He loves a good hug and we can’t forget about how funny this dude is, “If you are fortunate enough to spend time with Ben anywhere in the world, I would recommend giving him a hug and telling him a pun – you will be instant best friends. Then proceed to ask him about his multiple hilarious tattoos.”

He also likes to eat… glitter? “A couple Nicaragua New Year’s parties ago we were getting ready for a party, and I look over and I make eye contact with him just as he’s putting glitter in his mouth and eating it, no one was around and it was all in his beard.”

On top of all that, he loves to party. An important part of being a trip leader 😉 “Some of my most wildest and adventurous nights in Southeast Asia have been alongside this guy. You are always guaranteed to stay up a little too late, dance your heart out and probably get into juuuust a little bit of trouble (only the good kind though) and then cap the night off with a good old heart to heart.”


But he never let’s a good party get in the way of doing his job:

“Ben always did his job first and foremost. He also partied like a champ with everyone but would never let that get in the way of him organizing our outings or letting us know what was going on. True pro in the trip leading game!”

“He is really respectful to the culture of the country, always reminding us what is appropriate, as well as respectful to the environment.”

“He was so easy going and I loved that when I had a bad day he was right there to talk to and turned my whole day around, couldn’t ask for a better bloke to be my guide.”

“He parties hard and gets the group laughing the whole night. Then shows up the next morning like nothing had happened ready to lead.”

“Ben was heaps of fun! He embodied every quality you would want in a guide! He was enthusiastic and considerate. He couldn’t have been better.”


In fact, so many people have said such wonderful things about Ben that we aren’t able to fit it all into this blog post! 

So we’ll just leave it off on an even higher note with these kind words:

“Ben is absolutely one in a million, so funny and easy going. He was incredibly mindful of how everyone was feeling and made sure we did everything we wanted to on this trip!”

“I felt like I had known Ben for years after I met him for the first time. He was incredibly friendly and insanely knowledgeable about everything on our trip.”


“Ben has so much respect for every single thing, person, area, etc. He taught me so much about every place we visited, their customs and cultural differences compared to our own. I also loved that he knew a lot of the locals from his previous visits. It made every place we went to feel more “homey”.

“Ben is such a wonderful leader, and a truly remarkable human. He without fail put a smile on my face every day with his humour and positive attitude. He is consistently mindful of making all of his group members feel safe, valued, and overall happy. He is so knowledgeable about local culture and is always eager to share that passion. I am so grateful to have experienced this trip with him as one of my leaders.” 

Thank you Ben, for leading your heart out and for changing the lives of so many people!

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