May Employee of the Month: Josh Fink

HometownBurlington, Ontario

Favourite Attributes: Humour, spontaneity, happiness, and creativity 

Languages: Spanish, English

Favourite Travel Destination: The top of the Light House on Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

What countries have you traveled to? Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico, Jamaica, U.S.

Why Do You Travel? Traveling keeps me energetic and easy-going. Fun, goofy, and always having a great time. Despite my free-spirited nature I still travel responsibly and love getting to know the people and the culture of the areas I visit. I don’t shy away from a good time, but I still know when to pull the chute. Whether it’s dipping through mountains in a single engine airplane, or chilling 50ft below the ocean in a school of sharks, you don’t know your limits until you push past them. For me, I plan on pushing all of them!


Where should we start with Mr. May? Have you ever had free private surf lessons from a pro that are totally tubular? Would this same dude then proceed to make you and your friends a delicious 5-course meal? And then just happen to take you to the raddest beach bar where, naturally, he’s the DJ/bartender who plays all your favourite songs and over-pours all your drinks? A classic Canadian dude who’s been living the chill Central American life for the last few years, Free & Easy came to know Mr. May as our go-to guy whenever we’d stumble along the Caribbean Coast. He was the guy we HAD TO KNOW! Known as Jorge to some and #DJPiña to all, say Hola Hola to Josh Fink!


Dreadlocked, laid-back, with a heart of gold and oh-so many talents, Josh will be the first to grab a surfboard and head to the beach, go bungee jumping in a tiger onesie or show you how to spot a three-wattled bell bird before you can count uno, dos, tres! Known as DJ Piña for a reason (have you seen him put his hair up into a pineapple dread head?!) Josh loves to throw down a wicked set anywhere, anytime! From buses and ferries, to beach parties and deck raves, this reggae shark knows how to bring the noise. And if you happen to mention the word “karaoke”? Get your cameras ready…he will BLOW YOU AWAY!


So get your butts down to Central America and hang out with Josh! From surfing down volcanos to chasing howler monkeys through the Costa Rican jungle, this croc-rocking cool cat is sure to bring a smile to your face – you’ll want to have him by your side for those nights you’ll never remember with the friends you’ll never forget. And the next morning? Bring him an ice cold classic glass bottle of Coca Cola and you’ll be stuck with DJ Piña fo life!

If you’ve been on a trip with Josh, help him win TourRadar’s 2016 Guide of the Year by reviewing your trip with him –>

Also follow along on his adventures on Instagram @josh_fink905 or on the FnEZ snapchat at @insideFNEZ

“Josh is an amazing trip leader! He makes sure that everyone is experiencing the trip the way they wanted and doing the things they wanted. Everyone on the trip always comes first for josh. Super fun loving guy that can always make you laugh and get you into some awesome adventures. It was more than just a pleasure traveling with him for the 20 days in Nicaragua. Definitely a trip for the books!” -Trip Member Thomas

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