May Employee of the Month: Karina Montagnese

Say HOLA HELLO to our May Employee of the Month: Karina Montagnese!


Karina’s joy for life, the Caribbean, and soca music is all super contagious. Her karaoke fans are never disappointed, and if you see her on a dance floor, watch out! You just might fall in love. “She has the highest energy I’ve ever witnessed in someone… Like she can’t even drink a bottle of Coke without getting so hyper she can’t control herself. Do not ever bring an energy drink near her,” (undercover co-leader quote).


Her kind heart is definitely her best quality. She would do anything for a friend, and with Karina, you’re pretty much friends immediately. It’s hard not to be! When a new leader gets hired, she’s immediately messaging them, making them feel like a part of the family, and genuinely wants them to be comfortable and happy. With her open arms, amazing smile, and welcoming energy, Karina is a one woman welcome wagon for people coming on Free and Easy trips! You’ll be lucky to have this amazing woman as your leader.


Super sassy, but in a fun and hilarious way, you’ll recognize Karina with her oversized sunglasses, spanish shorts, captains hat, foldable fan, and the longer you spend with her the more she rubs off on you. But Karina isn’t a one trick pony. She can recite almost every I Love Lucy skit out there, she plays classical piano, and she used to be a marksman (a good one, at that!).


Quotes from her past Group Members:

“She treated us all as if we’d been best friends for 25 years, sooo far beyond just being a tour guide.”

“Karina has so much knowledge and experience of the local culture that she is ready to share with anybody willing to listen. Karina’s love of Central America really shines through.”

“Karina has an amazing positive energy! She is one of those people who can get along with everyone and problem solve situations with a variety of different personalities.”

“Her energy is second to none, and her personality is amazing! Made the trip so much fun!”

“No one deserves it more, you guys don’t even know the half of it,” manager Josh Fink.


Karina came on the scene in May 2015 when she did a 20-day Nicaragua Adventure with FnEZ! She now leads in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. You can get the most Karina time on our 4o-day adventure through Central America! Join her this year for great weather, cheap beer, and the slow life!

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