November Employee of the Month: Connor Sorensen

The November Free & Easy Employee of the Month is Connor Sorensen. Trip leader by day, photographer by night, Connor is full of life and we’re lucky to have him!


Of course we at HQ are stoked with how much Connor has grown as a Trip Leader, but his fellow Trip Leaders love working with him as well. Plus his Dirty Dancing moves are epic:

“When I first met Connor he had a really bad goatee but we bonded instantly. What more can I say, the guy is my brother and I love him more than I love getting iced. From recreating Dirty Dancing at every bar we go to, all the way to watching Big Mouth and Haunting of Hill House together. I wouldn’t want to change anything this year, he’s a big dummy but I love him.”


Don’t be fooled by his massive demeanour, Connor has a heart of gold, “There’s no doubt that Connor is a beast… the kid is huge, however he has an absolute heart of gold. Whether it’s carrying an injured group member through the water to a long tail, being the bag mule for someone that feels sick or doing something embarrassing to get a laugh, Connor is always there.

Often being the centre of attention because of his size and personality, Connor uses his powers for good and has this ability to lighten the mood and get everyone excited for whatever activity is going on that day. He is the king of drinking games. Ice him and you’ll be blown away with how quickly that drink goes down, play Horse Races and he’ll be the funniest announcer you’ve ever experienced.

I have keeled over laughing on multiple occasions while he’s doing his thing. Just don’t play beer pong with him at the southern lakehouse.. because he’s bound to knock 5 out of 6 cups over at one time. It is an absolute pleasure leading with someone who is always down for an adventure, a snuggle or a heart to heart. This giant teddy bear is very deserving of Mr. November because of his incredible ability to put a smile on anyone’s face and keep it there for an entire trip!”


And he has his quirks, “He is an absolute sucker for an epic guitar solo. Even on a rainy day, you’ll find the guy sipping a summery lynchburg lemonade. You’ll also find him in cut off jean shorts and listening to metal music. He has a pretty expansive tickle trunk. And he LOVES his mom.”

But it’s not just the Free & Easy staff who love spending time with him, our trip members do to:

“Connor came to pick me up from the hotel on night one with open arms. I told him early on I wanted to try new things. He saw how scared I was at times and actually held my hand and did a jump with me to get me to do it. This was a moment on the trip that I saw Connor’s true colours and made me respect him.”

“Honestly one of the greatest guys I’ve ever met! So nice and friendly and always made everyone feel so comfortable. Super funny and outgoing when we all went out but could always be responsible when it called for it.”


“My chats with Connor about local culture and history helped me more than anything learn about life in Asia. He showed deep compassion for the elephants in Chiang Mai, respecting temple attire and we had a great chat about getting to know the history of Cambodia.”

“It’s Connor. The guy just bleeds positivity and good vibes!!”

“Keep on learning! Without a doubt Connor will become one of the best leaders of FnEZ.”

“Don’t stop what you’re doing. You made everyone feel welcome and included and on more than one occasion I mentioned outloud to a group member how impressive it is that our leaders spread their time evenly with every person in the group.”

Congratulations Connor, aka Mr November. Keep on rockin’ out to guitar solos and practicing those Dirty Dancing moves!

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