November Employee of the Month: Kyle Stephens

This month, we’d like to call your attention to one of our most valuable and experienced trip leaders here at Free & Easy. We are happy to announce that Mr. November is our very own Peru Manager, and trip-leader extraordinaire: Kyle Stephens!


Kyle started leading trips in Central America for us through Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. But, being the forward-thinker that he is, Kyle taught himself how to speak Spanish, and continued exploring Latin America when he wasn’t leading FnEZ trips and ended up in Peru.

He is extremely compassionate about the places he visits. Self-proclaimed as “FnEZ’s Biggest Puppy”, Kyle is the epitome of an ethical traveler, showing respect toward local cultures, environments, animals, and people. In the middle of a walking tour of Cusco, Peru, he’s been known to stop everything and go out of his way to pick up a piece of litter, help an old lady cross the street, or give a stray puppy a belly-rub.


A man of many hats (quite literally), Kyle is also our behind the scenes man that handles all of our Peru operations and the guy on the ground, leading the Peru trips right there with you. This year you can find Kyle showing off his outrageous dance moves at our Final Fiesta trip in Nicaragua, demonstrating a cocoa-leaf ceremony while trekking Machu Picchu, and leading our first ever Colombia trips in May of 2018.

Don’t let his epic collection of tattoos fool you, Kyle is a true sweetheart that will transform your Free & Easy trip from simply a vacation to a perspective altering journey that you’ll remember for a lifetime!


 PS: If you don’t believe us, here’s some testimonies from or travelers that were recently on a Peru trip:

“It’s obvious that Kyle doesn’t see himself as ‘just a guide’. His travelers are his friends. He was constantly joking with them, asking questions, and learning from them as if it was his first time doing that activity and his excitement was contagious as he got all of us involved.” Oct 2017 Peru

“He has meaningful connections with all the local people who make this trip possible. It’s really nice to see how much the local people like and respect Kyle.”


“Even though Kyle has led this trip like 14 times, his excitement and passion for Perú truly made it seem like it was his first time seeing the sights yet his expertise makes it seem like he’s led it 50 or more times.”

“The people that don’t get to travel with Kyle are missing out!”

“He’s so down to earth and knowledgeable about the region and travel in general that it’s impossible to do anything besides enjoy your time around him as your leader.”

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