November Employee of the Month: Meagan Martin

Introducing Miss November, Free and Easy Traveler’s Employee of the Month… Meagan Martin! 


Right after traveling to Thailand on our 40 day Thailand trip, (literally a week after) she became a part of our Rep Program. Since then she has traveled to Laos, Cambodia, Thailand (again), NicaraguaPhilippines, and Nicaragua (again) with Free & Easy. As a Rep, she totally ran with it to become our top earner in Ontario, crushing out tables at schools all across the province and providing interested travelers with answers to their questions, stories from her travels, and generally spreading roamsickness (click for a definition!). Meagan is now our Eastern Rep Coordinator and we couldn’t be more proud of the job she’s done! 


If you’ve had the joy of traveling or working alongside Meagan, than you know why this honour is hers this month. You’ll also know that she’s barefoot all the time, owns no socks, and her mom has to sit her down and make her brush her hair a couple times a year. 

This hard working woman emanates peace, love, and respect in pretty much everything she does. Just ask her friends: “More than ANYONE I have ever met, she enters EVERY event or situation in life that she’s faced with, with an open mind and is the most adaptable, easy going person. She can strike up a conversation with literally anyone of any age.


With her love of travel constantly keeping her number of countries traveled to higher than her age (currently at 27), her passionate approach to food (including being a vegan since she was five when she asked her mom if the bacon for breakfast actually came from a pig and she never turned back), and her love of music (she plays alto, tenor, and baritone saxophone among other instruments. Sax solo anyone?) she continues to inspire us and be an amazing branch of the FnEZ Family tree. 

If you run into her on the road, be sure to buy her a banana and ask her to do a somersault (trust us). 

Are you interested in being like Meagan and earning mad money off of trips with Free & Easy? Join the Rep Program today.

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