November Employee of the Month: Shayla Bly

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta

Favourite Attributes: My ability to turn any situation into a positive one, adventurous, out-going and my beach hair!

Languages: English

Favourite Travel Destination: Impossible question… there is something special about coming home and seeing it with new eyes. But if I had to choose a place away from home it would probably be South East Asia (probably Cambodia… the Philippines orrrrrr Thailand) Like I said… Impossible decision.

What countries have you travelled to? U.S.A., Mexico, Australia, England, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Philippines, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique

Why Do You Travel? Traveling shifts your perspective! You grow so much on an individual level as well as gaining the ability to see things ‘big picture’ and how you fit into the grand puzzle of this thing we call life. You meet people from all around the world and have these life changing experiences and you seem to meet yourself amidst this journey as well. Sometimes you will be surprised who you find. OH also, you learn that Earth is extraordinarily  BEAUTIFUL, no matter where you travel. Whether it is our backyard of the Rocky Mountains in Canada or the coastline of South Africa–Mother Nature is killin’ it!!!!! 


Celebrating her first year of leading with the company, it is rather fitting that Shayla is our Employee of the month! We first encountered her on a Philippines trip in 2011, and then got to know her even better on a 40-day LTC in 2014 – and we knew we had to have her. She’s now out leading both those trips, and bringing her big heart and even bigger smile to countless lucky travelers. One of the most genuine people we’ve ever met, say hello to Ms. November: Shayla Bly!

With a palpable passion for traveling and meeting new people, Shayla will happily go above and beyond to make sure every person on her trip is having as amazing a time as she is! Her gifts for dancing up a storm (even when there is no music), giving the BEST hugs, and somehow managing to find red wine whilst at Bucket Bar on Khao San Road make her a truly inspirational person, and one you can’t help but gravitate towards. While we could go on for eons about how phenomenal Shayla is, we thought we would let one of her travelers do the talking. “Shayla is the full package as a leader. Knowledge of all the countries mixed with someone who you can genuinely connect with on so many levels. She was a huge part of why I loved this trip so much.”


So next time you’re out in Asia, look for that radiant person floating on an inner tube on some remote lake in Northern Thailand with a book in one hand and a cup full of love in the other. Ms. November will change your life and help you see the beauty in everything around you.

If you’ve been on a trip with Shayla, help her win TourRadar’s 2016 Guide of the Year by reviewing your trip with her –>

Also follow along on her adventures on Instagram @shaylably or on the FnEZ snapchat at @insideFNEZ.

“Loved this trip, loved Shayla as a person and a guide!! She’s the nicest most helpful person I know, that will still be up partying with you till the break of dawn!!! I can honestly say she made my trip way better!! And this trip and locations were amazing on their own! But everyone need more Shayla in their lives, as a guide and a friend!!!” -Trip Member Darcy

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