October Employee of the Month: Ben Copeland

Congratulations Ben Copeland! You’re FnEZ’s October Employee of the Month! If you’ve ever called, emailed, texted, or online chatted with someone from Free & Easy with questions/concerns/excited emojis, it’s likely you were talking to Ben. You may know him as Ben10, Benji, or Benny, but his most common nickname around here is Cheers Ben! Read on to see why this Freedom Consultant deserves to be Mr October:


Ben started his adventure with FnEZ in 2009 when he started leading trips in Southeast Asia. He was an awesome leader, everyone loved him, and he showed countless travelers some of the best days of their lives. In 2012 Ben started dabbling in the pre-trip customer service side of things, all while leading a few more trips. Eventually, he hung up his leading boardies and took on customer service full time. Which is a lucky thing for us and our travelers, because Ben absolutely soars at it!


Ben is a customer service extraordinaire! His calm demeanour, helpful personality, and advanced knowledge of everything FnEZ makes Ben the man for the job. When it comes to answering questions from the well-traveled and untraveled alike, he always takes the extra step to make sure people aren’t just ready to travel, they’re undoubtedly prepared. Our award-winning trips deserve award-winning customer service, and Ben delivers! 


He’s also taken a huge step into the marketing side of things. His experience talking with travelers on a daily basis has given him some epic ideas for the marketing team to use. He truly listens to what the customer wants and delivers it! As his coworkers, all of us couldn’t be more happy to work alongside him. He is always there to help out, to lean on, or to have a beer and few laughs with.


Other than being an amazing employee, Ben is a fantastic human! He lives off the grid (we’re talking wood-powered wifi) with his family where he makes maple syrup, writes poetry, brushes his great hair, plays the guitar, and sings with the voice of an angel. Ben also goes from helping people travel to helping people by fighting fires as a volunteer firefighter for his town. Often called “The Coolest Man Alive” by his friends, Ben is an amazing husband, father, and friend. He was also really handsome in 2009.


Ben got great reviews when he was a leader, and that hasn’t changed one bit in his Freedom Consultant position:

Straight to the point: “Ben was great!”

“Ben exceeded my expectations. Every trip I’ve gone on he’s always answered questions promptly.”

“Ben was super helpful as my mom booked the trip.”

“I dealt with Ben and he did a wonderful job! Super easy experience :)”

“Every person I spoke with at FnEZ made things very easy and clear! Especially Ben!”

“There were a few questions and concerns I had so I called Free and Easy and a man named Ben helped me so, so much.”

“Ben was also very helpful with answering any questions we had before we left. You could tell he was a traveler too.”


Ben is the epitome of what we aim for here at Free & Easy: Travelers helping travelers with their trips in a relaxed yet informative way. Way to go Ben!

From your entire Free & Easy Family: Thank you for everything you do! Cheers Ben!

(Want to know what all the fuss is about? Check out our trips and ask any of our Customer Service folk to answer your questions via phone 1-800-403-5208, email: travel@fnez.com, or our online chat on our site: FnEZ.com. See you on the beach!)

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