October Employee of the Month: Carter Anhorn

Introducing Mr. October…Carter Anhorn!

Hometown: Elrose, SK

FnEZ leader: Since 2015


Heralding from Elrose, Saskatchewan, Carter has been with FnEZ for only 8 months and he’s made his mark! After living free on our 40 Day LTC trip in January of this year, and crushing some solo traveling in Australia and New Zealand, he’s been leading that very trip that hooked him, enjoying the beauty that is Siem Reap RIGHT NOW! (Have an Angkor Beer tonight for all of your hard work!) You can also find Carter leading our Thailand trips as well as Vietnam (and there is still room to get on his November 20th Vietnam trip! Join him HERE)

 Mr. October is a total ball of positive energy. (He even felt it was necessary to show us how high he could jump in his application video, and I guess it worked!) He’s not afraid to demonstrate how to get weird on the dance floor, and show his friends that it’s okay to be a little silly while on the road. Looking for a movie on a long travel day? He’s got 500.

 Want to make Carter’s day? Tell him a good pun, ask him about farming, and show him a turtle video. Want to get Carter’s goat? Ask him how he feels about skim milk. Seriously.

 With his easy going ways, a Masters in Geological Engineering, and all around good guy attitude, it’s no wonder his group members feel like this about him:“He was always able to adapt to everyone and make everyone feel comfortable and included. From sharing goofy, movie quote exchanges with some, to just animal sound effects and hysterical laughter with others, and academic, informative chats with the rest. Such a well-rounded, inclusive guy.”

 On that note, this really gets to the heart of how we all feel about Carter: “I feel as if Carter is a good friend that I’ve known for years, I’m not sure how you accomplish that in 25 days, but it happened.”

 Congratulations to Mr. October! Safe travels, have fun, and keep doing you!


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