October Employee of the Month: Julie Tschida

Congratulations to Julie Tschida, Free & Easy Traveler‘s October Employee of the Month! Her dance moves, cultural knowledge, and caring heart makes her a wonderful trip leader! Read on to find out why this new leader is already one of the best!


Not only do we at the FnEZ HQ think Julie is awesome, but so do her co-leaders!

“Julie’s dance moves are WILD! Often people who don’t know her too well will think she’s really wasted. She’s usually sober and just absolutely crushing it! She gets a mean stank face and power stance. She rocks French braids and she’s just generally a warm and kind person to be around! Her smile is so inviting! But don’t be fooled by her sweet demeanour because she’s an absolute fire cracker some times!”

Whether she’s telling amazing stories, dancing up a storm, or rocking some pretty epic boat day looks, Julie is always fun to be around! “She’s a great story teller! On her 40-day Philippines trip she would have the entire group huddled around listing to crazy party stories… and she wasn’t even a leader yet! She can shake her booty like the best of ’em. Whenever Mambo Number 5 comes on… look out d-floor! Julie dances on top of every bar she’s allowed to and 90 per cent of the ones she’s not! She also has some pretty wicked boat day looks!”


Everybody who knows Julie says the same thing, she’s a ray of light with a positive attitude and an infectious smile! “Julie is an absolute ray of light. Her positive attitude, laid back views on life and joyous nature make her an absolute blast to be around. Her dance moves are legendary and so is her compassion. Julie is always there to be a best friend to whoever she meets and you feel that instantly when meeting her. Heart to hearts or the constant ability to make you laugh, Julie always knows what her group members need.”

And let’s not forget about her epic dance moves. “Her dancing shoes are always ready to go and she’s not afraid to get the party started on the dance floor! From dance battles to rap battles she always makes it fun and is just a super fun person to be around.”


So it’s obvious that Julie’s co-leaders absolutely love spending time with her, but so do her group members!

“JULIE WAS AWESOME, I have only good memories with her… she was fun, nice, sweet, caring ❤️❤️❤️ I had a lot of fun with her, especially during the dancing nights! She is a really good leader and a good person ❤️.”

“Jules was one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. Unreal person. Great personality. If she keeps learning I’m sure she’ll be very successful.”

“Keep leading trips! You’re made for it.”

“Jules is so funny and outgoing I wish I could take her with me everywhere I travel!”


“Jules is fun, well organised and very knowledgable individual. Also I could speak to her in confidence and she always had an answer to all my questions.”

“Keep being you! You were so easy to talk to and get along with. It was nice to feel like an equal to a leader who can easily become an authoritative figure instead.”

“Julie is still fairly new at leading but you would never know it. She is a natural, she has good charisma and personality. She’s really great to be around and shes pretty funny too ;)”


Congratulations Julie! Thank you for being so awesome, you are a ray of light in this world!

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