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Guest blog by Little Miss Ottawa Blogger, Julia Weber.

You’re ready to travel but maybe your friends aren’t free or you’re getting overwhelmed with details. Don’t let that stop you! I recently traveled with FnEZ on their LTC 25-day trip and their 10-day Bali trip. I couldn’t imagine traveling these countries with a better group or company. Each trip was jam-packed with epic experiences and the best of each destination. Here’s why a group trip with FnEZ is a great way to travel:

It’s An Easy Way to Travel Alone

Have you been in the situation before where you’re all ready to go on a vacation but none of your friends are available? You’re only young once so don’t let that stop you! A group trip is a perfect way to book a trip on your own. You’ll feel safe and secure as you explore a new destination with a group who will instantly become friends.

I think everyone should do a solo trip at least once in their life and a group trip is an amazing way to do it. You don’t have your besties to depend on which forces you to put yourself out there and meet new people. It might feel awkward at first but everyone feels the exact same way. One of the best things about travelers is that everyone is so open to meeting new people and enjoying new experiences together. One of the best parts of traveling is the people you meet along the way. Everyone in your FnEZ group will be an important part of a memorable trip.


Make Instant Friends

What if I told you that after a group trip you’ll instantly walk away with a whole group of new friends, even besties? You form some pretty incredible bonds on FnEZ trips. It would be hard not to with all the amazing activities you’re doing like hot air ballooning over Laos, diving in Bali or going for a night out in Bangkok. FnEZ will bring you together with a group you’ll be so thankful to meet and enjoy these epic experiences with. Although you may not live in the same city, province or country, you’re both travelers so that won’t stop you from reuniting. Book another FnEZ trip and make some more incredible memories together. FnEZ also has Nica New Year’s trip (link) and reunions across the country that make it easier to reunite with the group that grew on your heart so quickly.


All the Details are Planned Out

One reason you may be traveling is to escape and relax for a bit, the last thing you want is to be bogged down with details. All you have to do is pick your trip and FnEZ can do the rest for you, including booking your flights. All you have to do is show up! This means more time enjoying the destination you’re visiting. Each trip has two group leaders that ensure everything runs smoothly and that you’re having the best time! You’ll be so thankful that everything is planned out and you can spend more time enjoying Thai food, surfing, or cruising around Pub Street! Activities like biking through Ubud would be so hard to plan on your own – how do you know where to go, which attractions do you need to see? FnEZ takes care of it all for you and you just have to show up, sign me up!


Make the Most of Each Destination

All the activities and destinations on FnEZ trips are tried and true so you don’t waste a second somewhere you shouldn’t have booked. The leaders are pros on their trips and can give you even more recommendations on activities you’ll enjoy, food to try, common sayings in the local language and more.

In Bali, we had the option to hike Mt Batur, an active volcano with quite a challenging hike. I was on the fence but my leader Delaney knew I would regret it if I didn’t go and twisted my arm! She was so right and I am so grateful I did that hike. It was the most stunning sunrise I had seen in my life. I would have missed out if my leader didn’t know me so well.

In Thailand, we took a bamboo raft out of the jungle! It was one of the highlights of my trip. If it weren’t for FnEZ, I would have never done this activity because I didn’t even know it was an option!


Bumps In The Road? Your Leaders Are There To Help

From a doorknob that wouldn’t open in Thailand, upset stomach, car sickness, you name it, the leaders were always there to be a friend and help out! They take charge and make sure everything runs smoothly! I can’t say enough about my incredible leaders Jasmine, Cody, Delaney, and Ben! When you meet them you’ll see exactly what I mean. They’re incredible at their jobs and you can tell how much they love what they do.

As a tourist, it can be easy to get ripped off at the markets but your leaders can tell you a good benchmark on what you should pay for certain things and how to bargain. Local knowledge like this from your leaders will come in handy on your trip.

The leaders really go above and beyond to make sure you have the best trip. As our leader, Cody would say ‘it’s your trip.” Whether it’s a particular activity you’re looking to do or see, they’ll make it happen.


Instant friends, all the details panned out, and epic experiences make group travel with FnEZ easy and a blast. Leave the planning to the pros and the fun to you and your group. Here’s to more time on adventures, exploring new destinations and making friends for life!

Little Miss Ottawa is a travel blogger that focuses on travel experiences locally and abroad. She loves exploring the world with her camera in hand.

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