Post Pandemic – Our hopes, Our Dreams, Our Future

It’s crazy to think that it’s been 16 months since we were scrambling to get our travellers home from their trips all around the world. March 2020 was the epitome of our worst nightmare as borders closed down, trips were cancelled and that thing that is both our passion and our bread and butter – travel, became impossible. 

Now, it feels that we are through the worst of it and travel is becoming a real discussion and possibility. We are now, more than ever, looking to throw open our doors and welcome travelling back into our lives!

Our Hopes

Before the pandemic, we were running trips to over 15 countries, employed over 30 staff worldwide and were proud to be a small Canadian travel company whose guiding light was to share our love of exploring the world with our friends and travellers. Our hope is to get back to doing what we love on the same scale that we were. We know it is going to be a slow start out of the gate but we are working hard and preparing so we that will be ready when you and the rest of the world are ready!

Our Dreams

Travel always will be our way of life. Free & Easy has reached a ripe, old age of 20, stemming from our very first trip to Greece in 2001. As the company ages, and us too, we realize that everyone’s taste isn’t the same when it comes to traveling.

2020 allowed us a lot of time to think, and coming out of this pandemic we have decided to have a more diverse offering of trip styles. Of course, we will still have our Classic Backpacker-style for 18 to 29-year-olds. Now, in addition, we are offering our new Evolution trips for the 25-45s. We hope to keep those who feel that they’ve aged out of Free & Easy something to keep them from going to an all-inclusive in “Mexico”. 😉

Of course, we always have yoga, surf and work retreats at our very own Beach House in Nicaragua, AND stay tuned for some new Health and Wellness trips through Breathe in Life!

Our dream is to become a traveller’s one-stop shop for the exact type of trip they are looking for!

Our Future

Death and Taxes, but that doesn’t have to be it!  As the world opens up, quarantines end and Covid-19 dissipates, the future of travel and the entire industry is bright. Yes, “normalcy” still feels a ways away, but with the readiness of vaccines, and safety protocols keeping us out of harm’s way it seems that we can safely get back to traveling without endangering locals or other travelers.

Already, in the United States and around the world, people are traveling, anxiously booking their trips as a wave of freedom sweeps over us after what seems like an eternity of lockdown.

We will be focussing on Costa Rica, Peru, and Greece to start, as they are currently welcoming tourists. As well as one more country we will announce soon as it is a brand new destination for us and we are STOKED to be offering this one.

Once Asia is ready to open up its doors, you can bet that we’ll be diving right into that part of the world too!

If there is any good that can come out of this pandemic experience, it’s the realization that we can’t take certain freedoms for granted. When this is over and we are once again free to do as wel like, be sure to hug your parents and grandparents, cheers your friends, get a haircut and travel the world!

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