September Employee of the Month: Jasmin Neve

The September Employee of the Month is Jasmin Neve! Better known around the Southeast Asia circuit as Mama Jas, we knew we had a star when we hired Jasmin a mere 7 months ago. She has shown us her true colors in that short time: her loving nature, her friendly attitude, and her love of all things peanut butter.

Congratulations Jasmin, from everyone at Free & Easy, we appreciate everything you bring to the table! Read on to find out more about what makes Mama Jas such a great co-worker, enhanced with quotes from her leading partners!


“Jasmine has a way of making you feel like you are the most important person when you are talking to her.” Her infectious kindness is a true standout feature! Everyone you talk to about Jasmin immediately brings up her compassion… probably the reason she’s gotten the nickname Mama Jas on her trips! She’s mom in a group, the amount she can love people is truly amazing. She gives you her full attention, and she is always there to give advice if needed, or just a shoulder to lean on.

Not only is she an amazing friend but she is also an incredible leader, she picked up on this job in a second! She’s outgoing, kind, hilarious, has an infectious laugh, and you just want to be around the girl. “Jas is legitimately the sweetest soul I’ve ever met. One of the most amazing women I’ve ever met in my life and I’m so honored to call her a close friend.”


“Jas has been an absolute rockstar from day one.” Whether she is rocking a dinosaur bucket hat on a boat trip in Thailand or dancing in a basket boat in Vietnam you can guarantee she will have an ear to ear smile and a sense of joy and excitement that brightens everyone’s day who is around her. She is the life of the party. Jas is the type of person that you just know you are gonna get along with when you meet her. Her fun-loving, upbeat attitude always makes everyone’s days a little brighter and if she doesn’t kill you with kindness, she’ll crush you on the dance floor!


She’ll be the first one to suggest a shotgun challenge (and win) while simultaneously rubbing SPF on another’s back, and having a heart to heart, it’s incredible. She is new to our staff but she fit in so perfectly to everything FnEZ after her first trip you would have thought she had been leading for years. Jas has a deep love for culture and the local people she meets as well, and she loves passing that knowledge onto our lucky Trip Members.

“Her passion for travel is second only to her passion for peanut butter. Bring her a jar and she will love forever.” Looking to get in Jasmin’s good graces? Anything peanut butter, or a big ol’ tube of Pringles will help you win her over!


It’s not just us at the office and her co-leaders on the road who love her, here are few of her reviews from Trip Members from her recent trips:

“Jasmin went above and beyond by lending an ear when I needed to vent and giving out hugs every night before bed. The little things are what made my trip that much better.”

“Fun-loving girl with sick dance moves and a heart of gold. Treated everybody with respect and without judgement.”

“Was so impressed with my first Free and Easy experience and will definitely be telling my friends and family to go on trips with this company because of people like Jasmine!”

“Well, she can’t drive a go-kart worth shit but that can be fixed I’m sure.”

“I’ve said it to her on the trip a few times, but if she hadn’t have told anyone it was her training trip then I don’t think anyone would’ve known she’s new. It’s a true testament to her, and you for finding people, from all over, that can seamlessly slide into a potentially stressful job, in a foreign land, and just naturally own it. Jasmin is a keeper. She’s what I picture when I think of an FnEZ leader.”


Congratulations again Jasmin! Keep it up, much love, and safe travels!


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