September Employee of the Month: Jesse Pratt

Hometown: Okotoks, Alberta

Favourite Attributes: My ability to roll with the punches and go with the flow!

Languages: English, basic Thai

Favourite Travel Destination: Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia

What countries have you traveled to? Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, England, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Sri Lanka, India, United States, Italy & Croatia.

Why Do You Travel? I travel for adventure. When you are traveling you don’t have to have a plan, or a destination, as long as you can have an adventure with friends. It brings on the absolute best feelings in the world not knowing where you are going or what you are doing!


Fast forward a few years and Jesse has mad flow from his man bun down to his grizzly beard, the diamond earrings have been replaced with a Thai Buddhist necklace, and the Kobe jersey… well, Kobe is all-time so that’s still kicking! He has become a seasoned traveler who can be seen on the beaches of Sri Lanka, the streets of India or surf side in Nicaragua. His honest approach to life and travel have made him one of our most dependable guides who forms life-long friendships with so many of the people he travels with. Jesse’s home is still Asia and he is one of the pioneers of our infamous 40-day LTC trip and that’s usually where you can find him – in fact, that’s where he is right this second reading this post… Hi Jesse!


If you’ve been on a trip with Jesse, help him win TourRadar’s 2016 Guide of the Year by reviewing your trip with him –>

Also follow along on his adventures on Instagram @jessejamespratt or on the FnEZ snapchat at @insideFNEZ.

“I would absolutely 100% do another tour with Jesse. He was one of the most informative guides I have ever experienced in another country. Not only was he super knowledgeable, he is just a rad beauty of a person that definitely reignited my travel bug. Everyone should experience the trip of a lifetime with Jesse Pratt!” – Trip Member Tom

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