September Employee of the Month: Jimi Doohan

Jimi has just finished up his first year of leading trips, and boy did he nail it! We couldn’t be happier with Jimi, one of our most recent hires. With everything he brings to the table, he’s a perfect fit for the FnEZ Family! Congratulations on being Free & Easy’s September Employee of the Month!


Jimi had the amazing opportunity to train and lead on two of our newest destinations, Spain and Portugal! Along with Greece, Jimi really got to know the Mediterannean side of FnEZ’s trips, and he picked it up as quick as we picked up his dance moves. If you’re looking for Jimi on the road, you’ll recognize him by his flowing and fashionable beard, a smile on his face that just won’t go away, a FnEZ flag on his back, and a gyro in each hand.


As a leader, Jimi’s strength, first and foremost, is his palpable energy! He is always the first one dancing, whether it’s in a bar, on the beach, in the hotel room with nothing on but a towel… and he’s always the last one out and the second one up (only because his summer long leading partner Evan Bachman takes the cake on getting up first). Spending a trip with Jimi is sure to get you seeing the world differently, exploring it more, and enjoying every second of being on it. Jimi’s excitement for life is super contagious, and we’re so happy it’s spreading across FnEZ. 

He is always up for a fun hike, a swim in the waves, a sudden sangria pool party, or whatever else the Mediterranean throws at him. If (read as: when!) you find yourself on a trip with Jimi, you’ll find yourself trying things you may not have thought you would, and dancing the night away over and over again!


Jimi’s photography/videography hobby are a great addition to his leading skills. Check out his Instagram @dropredgorgeousworld to see all of the adventures he’s gotten up to this year with FnEZ as well as his own travels while living in Europe and at home in Australia. He is always going above and beyond by taking that special photo for you that you always imagined taking in Santorini, or sneaking a sly candid walking around Lisbon, or documenting the bustling group activities in Barcelona. He also takes the time to ensure to share all his shots from the trip with all of the group members. What a guy!


Jimi’s amazing attitude, love of the world, and nomadic attitude has made him a superstar in the eyes of his leading partners and trip members. Take a look at what they had to say about Jimi:

“Jimi can party! If it were up to him he would do it every night. There wasnt any instances where that affected him as being a leader. He just wants to make sure everyone including himself is always having the most fun.”

“His outgoing personality and ability to connect with all group members demonstrated Jimi’s ability to go above and beyond for every group member.”

“Jimi pushed me out of my comfort zone to try cliff jumping for the first time. Was a terrifying but great experience. I am happy he made me feel comfortable enough to try someone new.”

“He did an awesome job filling me in on history about the places we visited and Europe in general. I appreciated it because it helps you look at things differently.”

“Jimi is the most fun loving, energetic person I have ever met. His constant enthusiastic attitude is the most infectious thing in the world. He keeps everyone smiling and always makes sure that everyone is having the time of their lives.”

“Jimi is one of the funniest guys I have ever met and I will never forget him. He is doing what he loves and it is apparent. His love for adventure has made me want to see new things and meet new people. He is amazing and I’ve got nothing but love for him!”


Happy to have you on the team, Jimi, congrats, looking forward to another amazing season out in the Mediterranean, in GreeceSpainPortugal, and Croatia! Come catch Jimi’s infectious smiles and joy on our 2018 dates in the Mediterranean, 10-54 days of Europe!

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