Staff Picks: Favourite Animal

Question: What is your favourite animal?

It’s almost impossible to go backpacking in another country and not run into some wildlife! Each region of the world boasts unique wildlife. Experiencing the nature of a country and ethically interacting or observing animals in their natural habitat is a great way to immerse yourself in a place that is foreign to you. 

Note: There are plenty of ways to ethically interact or observe animals. If you come on a Free & Easy trip you can rest assured that we only support organizations that treat animals ethically. 

Toni Sweetland – Trip Leader: The giant squid. Two hearts. A donut shaped brain? Sick, right? They’re just super illusive and creepy.”

Cody Webber – Trip Leader: Elephant sisters on our Northern Thailand Jungle Trek.”


Rory Chappelle – Adventure Associate:Tiger / Elephant / Dolphin. Tiger is mine, cuz Tiger’s roar! Elephant is my Dad’s and I have 2 elephant tattoos. And dolphin is my mom and sisters. Also have a tattoo.”

Evan Bachman – Trip Leader & Country Manager: Bear, because well, I am a bear.”

Kyle Stephens – Trip Leader & Country Manager: Street dogs.”

Kyle Wright – Trip Leader: This could not be a harder question. Every dog and cat I’ve ever seen. Bats are really cool. I like bugs. Turtles, crabs, whale sharks. But there really is nothing like spending the day hanging out with a couple of sister elephants, those girls have stolen my heart.”


Dusty Anderson – Flights & Finance:Sharks! I have always had a fascination with Sharks since I was a little kid and saw Jaws and was immediately terrified but so intrigued. I recently got a shark tattoo as well! Going cage diving in South Africa and spending two weeks volunteering there and getting to go out on the boat every day for two weeks and observe Great Whites is one of the highlights of my life.”

Luke Helland – Former Trip Leader: Whale Sharks. They are massive creatures but are very gentle and harmless.  Extremely elusive, so if you get to see one in your lifetime – consider yourself lucky!”


James O’Brien – Trip Leader: Pi Oh – the owner of OMG bar (and co-founder of Trash Hero) in Koh Lipe, Thailand… because he’s an absolute ANIMAL!”

Chris Sherry – Finance:Elephants, getting a chance to see these gentle giants up close and in person is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen and am lucky to have experienced this. They are so beautiful and smart it’s awesome to see up close.”

Sam Wright – Trip Leader: Alpacas!”

Come discover your new favourite animal with us!

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