Staff Picks: Favourite City

If you’ve been on a Free & Easy Traveler trip, then you know that our trip leaders are super awesome. They’ve traveled a ton, experienced some epic activities, and know the best things to eat around the world! And, with most of the HQ staff having been leaders previously, we can say the same about them too!

So here you have it, the first ever Staff Picks feature!

Question: What is your favourite city in the world that FnEZ travels to?

Toni Sweetland – Trip Leader: “I have two answers: I love Ubud Bali; aside from it being stunningly beautiful and lush, there is also so many cool shops, markets and great restaurants. The whole town feels like you’re in a fairy garden. I’m never ready to leave there. But my fave city that I would probably live in, would be Chiang Mai, Thailand. There is always something new to discover here between the rich culture or the awesome natural beauty in the national parks surrounding it. Plus CM has an awesome local music and art scene. Not to mention THE BEST local cheap eats.”

Kyle Wright – Trip Leader: “Chiang Mai would have to be my favourite city. The city itself is so diverse and full of life. There is such a variety of incredible food to choose from, and anyone that knows me knows that the key to my heart is through my taste buds. But most of all the Libra family makes coming back to this city feel like I’m coming home.”

We visit Chaing Mai on all of our Northern Thailand trips, which include: A Backpackers DreamThe Ultimate JourneyJungle, Beach & BangkokThe World’s Greatest Waterfight, and Temples, Tribes & Tuk Tuks!

We visit Ubud on both of our Indonesia trips: Experience It All and Bali & the Gili Islands


Evan Bachman – Trip Leader & Greece Logistics Coordinator: “Barcelona, Spain, Gothic architecture, tapas bars, sangria, the beach and a nightlife that never ends.”

Jimi Doohan – Trip Leader & Spain and Portugal Logistics Coordinator: “Granada, Spain. The tapas capital of the world! The famous tapas cuisine all started in this little city in southern Spain’s Andalusia region, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. After a long day of exploring the 13th century Alhambra Palace I like to drink sangria on ‘Tapas Street’ (with complimentary tapas; unique tapas is complimentary with any drink in most bars/restaurants in this wonderful city) followed by a good ol’ fashioned siesta.”

We visit both Barcelona and Granada on three trips: Sunsets and SangriaEdge of the World, and Magnificent Mediterranean!


Josh Fink – Trip Leader & Costa Rica, Panama, and Nicaragua Manager: “Cartagena, Colombia. It has a really cool old city feel to it! A lot of history and is a huge cultural hub and kinda of gateway into South America. In the inner city or walled city, it is lined with street vendors small unique shops, restaurants and old churches and buildings. At night it has an incredibly fun different nightlife than other places I’ve been to. You can go to an arrangement of bars from fancy upscale places all the way to buying street beers from a guy with a cooler and sitting in a park watching some sort of street performance.  Cartagena’s Caribbean and Spanish cultures mix together there and the cityscapes and ocean views are just too cool and unique. The colourful streets match the vibes and personalities of the people who live there.”

Kyle Stephens – Trip Leader & Peru Manager: “Cusco, Peru. However, Cartagena might be stealing that spot soon!!!!!!!!!!”

Check out Cartegena on our 20-day Colombia trip and Cusco on our 20-day Peru trip!


Discover your new favourite city with us and check out all of our trips here.

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