Staff Picks: Favourite Country

Question: What’s your favourite country in the world?

With a solid roster of 15 countries that FnEZ runs trips in, it can be hard to choose a favourite! But we forced our staff to choose and here’s what they had to say!

Jimi Doohan – Trip Leader & Mediterranean Logistic Coordinator: “Greece. The first time I visited Greece I was kicking myself for not getting there sooner. It is a country so rich in history, culture, beautiful landscapes, party islands, volcano islands and delicious gyros. The country holds two of the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World! That’s just ridiculous.”


Dusty Anderson – International Flights Manager: “Gotta be Thailand. The people, the places, the activities, the food, the weather, the beaches, everything! Have spent more time here than any other country too so it’s like a second home to me.”

Chris Sherry – Finance Manager: “Thailand – The people are so friendly and helpful and love showing their country to foreigners. Amazing scenery and incredible beaches.”

Ben Copeland – Customer Service: “Easy, its gotta be Thailand, the food, the people, the beaches… Did I mention the Food!?”


James O’Brien – Trip Leader: “Indonesia hands down.  The Indonesia 20- day trip is my favourite trip to lead because of how truly diverse it is.  We start out very far off the tourist track and see some absolute gems travelling through Java.  There’s quite a few early mornings and long travel days to get to see the culturally rich sights of Pangandaran and Yogyakarta, but the epic feeling of adventure being in the middle of no where make them more than worth it.  The 2-day overnight hike on Mt. Rinjani marks the halfway point of the trip and it’s literally all down hill from there, to the beaches and parties of Gili T and Bali!”

Toni Sweetland – Trip Leader: “I think Thailand is definitely closest to home for me since I spent the majority of my time leading there, but Indonesia has been creeping in to a close second. I just love the diversity of it. Every location is completely different from the last in Indo.”


Kyle Wright – Trip Leader: “It’s a tough call between Thailand and Cambodia. The locals are so genuinely kind and welcoming in both and the culture is incredible.”

Luke Helland – Trip Leader: “The Philippines!! The Wild West of Asia… Great that everyone speaks English, the people are so nice, the beaches are world class, and there are not many tourists!”

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