Staff Picks: Favourite Drink

Every traveler likes to party from time to time! With so many incredible drinks (both alcoholic and sans alcohol) around the world it’s hard not to want to try them all. Check out what our staff prefer when we travel abroad.

Chelsea Autor – Trip Leader: “Would have to be Sangsom coke with Lime.”

Sam Wright – Trip Leader:Joss Shots on the Gili Islands in Indonesia.”

Chris Sherry – Finance:Vietnamese Coffee it’s so delicious and it’s a ritual to sit and enjoy a coffee with your friends on the side of the road.”

chris sherry - coffee 1

Ben Copeland – Customer Service:5000 dong (30 cents) beers on random street corners in Hanoi, Vietnam.”

Luke Helland – Trip Leader:A peanut butter and banana shake.  If made properly, it can cure pretty much any hangover!”

Curtis Smith – Founder: Flor de Cana, soda, lime.”

James O’Brien – Trip Leader:If we’re going for it then a 26oz of Tandauay Rum for 100 Pesos in the Philippines ($1.75 CAD). But if it’s a more chill vibe then a Bintang raddler watching sunset on the beach in Bali.”


Dusty Anderson – Finance & Flights: “My favourite beer would be Bintang from Indonesia.”

Eden Osmar – Marketing: Anchor beer in Cambodia or pisco sour in Peru.”

Jimi Doohan – Trip Leader:Sangria! Not the sugar-loaded Taco Bell nonsense, I’m talking sangria in the Spanish mountains. It’s strong, made with fresh fruits and is available everywhere. Even the juice box sangria over there is crazy good and convenient to take to the beach. There is a reason why we have a trip called Sunsets & Sangria.”

Rory Chapelle – Adventure Associate:I enjoy a cold cervesa (a 4 banger of Leo –Thailand, Toña – Nicaragua, or ReefBreak – Canada) as well as a rum (flor de caña 5yr) over ice with lots of lime wedges and soda water or if I’m in Chiang Mai, a pitcher of frozen margaritas from Miguel’s.”


Evan Bachman – Trip Leader:Well it all depends, if it’s a relaxing day at the beach, serve me an Alpha beer from Greece. If I am easing into a long night of partying, I’ll take a vodka water lemon. And if I am getting the party started, get me a bendy straw and an orange Breezer and let’s strawpedo!”

Kyle Stephens – Trip Leader:NOT A PISCO SOUR…. YUCK. So I would say BOX WINE. Thank you Close.”

Kyle Wright – Trip Leader:My favourite local drink is Lion Whiskey in Laos. It’s delicious and costs you a whole $1.50 CDN for a two six.”

Come discover your new favourite drink with us!

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