Staff Picks: Favourite Food Dish

Traveling and stuffing your face with food you’ve never even heard of before go hand-in-hand! Our staff love to try new food everywhere we go. So check out our favourites below!

Toni Sweetland – Trip Leader: “This answer changes every day! I love all food. I can’t pick a single dish. But in general, probably Thai food. and Humus. not together though.”

Rory Chappelle – Adventure Associate: “Pizza. But a close 2nd is Khao Soi/tacos.”

Kyle Wright – Trip Leader:Khao Soi, a Northern Thai dish, certainly tops the list. It’s a soup with a creamy curry broth, yellow noodles and chicken, topped with crunchy yellow noodles, pickled vegetables, onion, and chilli paste and it is DELICIOUS. Morning Glory is also a personal favourite and definitely my go to dish.”

Rory Madigan - Thailand - Khao Soi Gai

Kyle Stephens – Trip Leader & Manager:Ceviche or Chicarron(fried pork bits).”

Evan Bachman – Trip Leader & Manager:Lamb Kleftiko (Greek), Oven baked lamb with potatoes, onions, tomatos, eggplant and feta cheese.”

Jasmin Neve – Trip Leader:My favourite food out here is definitely noodle soup. Whether it’s Pho from one of my favourite restaurants in Saigon, noodle soup with tofu from Libra in Chiang Mai, vegetable noodle soup from a little restaurant near our guesthouse in Vang Vieng, noodle soup from Ten103 in Koh Ta Kiev, or veggie noodle soup from Barcelona in Haad Yuan… you can’t go wrong. They all have their own little flare. Add some (or lots) of chilies in and you’re off to the races!”


Cody Webber – Trip Leader: Jungle Spring Rolls (Northern Thailand).”

Josh Fink – Trip Leader & Manager: Any sandwich from “ he Deli“ on Isla Colon in Bocas del Toro.”

Jimi Doohan – Trip Leader & Manager: Gyros. Pork gyros, chicken gyros, vegetarian gyros when you’ve overloaded on meat, falafel gyros. For as low as 2.20€ it’s hard to pass them up several times a day. I think my record is like 29 on a 20-day trip.”

Dusty Anderson – Flights & Finance:Kebab from the boats on Panang Beach in Railay. The combination of sauces is unreal!! Perfect lunch for a beach day! Get it with a watermelon shake.”

Julie Tschida – Trip Leader:Mine would have to be from Thailand. It’s Penang curry with chicken. Rather than it being a soupy curry it’s a bit more thick and just the perfect amount of spicy! At one point I think I ate it for every meal for 4 days straight while staying in Koh Phangan. It’s a good curry to try if you’re nervous about thai food!! Also the strawberry daiquiris at the villa we stay at in Bangkok.”

julie tschida

James O’Brien – Trip Leader: Pork Lechon! Which is a Filipino pork roast, it’s delicious… enough said!”

Chris Sherry – Finance:Fried red curry with chicken Pad Prik Gaeng Gai. Thai food has the most flavor and spices it’s hard to pick just one but this one is so delicious I could eat it everyday.”

Chelsea Autor – Trip Leader: Can I just say all food? Anything Thai really and I will eat it!”


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