Staff Picks: Favourite Travel Day Snack

Question: What is your favourite travel day snack?

Every traveler knows that some days are filled with epic adventures, chill beaches, and a cold one (or two)! But with all the fun comes the travel days. In order to get from one wicked destination to another, sometimes a long bus ride is required. And it’s necessary on those days to be prepared with only the best of snacks to avoid the hangry vibes.

Kyle Stephens – Trip Leader & Country Logistics Manager: “Avocado with smashed up peanuts in the cavity. Oh and beer.”

Kyle Wright – Trip Leader: “The veggie and hummus plate from Joma. Or anything else from Joma because their entire menu is bomb.”


Toni Sweetland – Trip Leader: “I always opt for a bag of fresh fruit and (if I’m in Thailand) an Iced Thai Tea! I usually like to get a “weird” local fruit that people probably haven’t had before and make everyone try it. my favourites are Mangosteens and Guiabano.”


Josh Fink – Trip Leader & Country Logistics Manager: “Plaintain chips or the occasional red Smirnoff ice.”

Jimi Doohan – Trip Leader & Mediterranean Logistics Manager: “Gyros in Greece. Gyros at pit-stops. Gyros for breakfast. Gyros on arrival. Gyros are everywhere, gyros are eaten everywhere.”


Carrie Robinson – Customer Service: “Pizza. I love pizza, and the best thing about it is you can find it anywhere in the world. The best pizza is in Croatia, not Italy, hot tip. Also, Thailand has a surprisingly amazing pizza culture.”

James O’Brien – Trip Leader: “Wasabi peas and chocolate milk.”

Dusty Anderson – Flights Manager & Finance: “Toasties from 7/11 were always my go to. Ham & Cheese or the Pizza ones were the best.”


Sam Wright – Trip Leader: “Fried street meat, the less I know the better”

Chelsea Autor – Trip Leader: “7-11 DUMPLINGS! with a side of some dried mangos and a fresh shake.”

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