Staff Picks: One Thing We Can’t Live Without

Question: What is the one thing you absolutely can not travel without?

Living life on the road means that your entire life fits into the backpack on your back. All travelers know that overpacking is a sin and you only carry what you think is necessary. So what do our seasoned travelers deem as necessary weight in their bag?

Chelsea Autor – Trip Leader: “MY CAMERA. I love love love taking photos and will always have one with me.”

Samuel Wright – Trip Leader: “Books! I have never travelled without at least one and don’t expect ever not to.”

James O’Brien – Trip Leader: “I wouldn’t consider myself a superstitious person but I do have a pocket in my bag dedicated to my “Lucky Things” highlighted by my lucky butt stitches.  This pocket is almost never opened (except this one time going through Thai customs) and is in my only backpack which I carry on, on all flights, so my Lucky Things are never far from me!  I’ve traveled with these items since I was 18 starting with a cork from a champagne bottle and added different things once or twice a year.  Anyone who knows me would agree that I fall on my feet more often than not, and end up more or less on the better side of weird circumstances.  This is 100% because of my Lucky Things, no question.  Hop on a 20-day trip with me and maybe you’ll find out how I cut my ass open and ended up with the lucky stitches!”


Ben Copeland – Customer Service: “Can’t travel without dark sunglasses, might sound creepy, but being able to people watch and see whats going on around you without people really knowing is a great way to take in everything and everyone around you.”

Chris Sherry – Finance: “Music and portable speakers make any travel day better and make it possible to have pop up parties all the time.”

Luke Helland – Trip Leader: “A book oddly enough.  The Alchemist By Paul Coelho.  More of a comfort than anything really.  Its a book I’ve read 5 or 6 times and always sparks my drive and curiosity for more adventure.  Its a very easy read and has so many good life lessons throughout it.  Highly recommend!”

Dusty Anderson – Flights & Finance: “I call it my ‘Boat Shirt’ since I love to wear it on boats lol. It’s a button up, Hawaiian style shirt that is light fabric. Not only do they look great but then if your shoulders start to burn you can throw it on! Great for Beaches, Boats and Theme Parties!”


Jimi Doohan – Trip Leader & Logistics Coordinator: “A personalised jar of Vegemite given to me by my family while I lived in Vienna, Austria. My little taste of Australia that I can take with me everywhere and lasts forever. Perfect for breakfast and grossing out any non-Australians. It also fits ever so perfectly into my coffee mug gifted to me by Evan and Carrie (fellow Mediterranean trip leaders) when I finished my training period and became a full-blown FnEZ leader!”

Josh Fink – Trip Leader & Logistics Coordinator: ” Coconut oil and Surf wax… you always need one or the other.”

Evan Bachman – Trip Leader: “Baby powder to keep chaffing to a minimum, or a cheap ring to open pop off beer bottles.”

Kyle Wright – Trip Leader: “My travel day flannel is an essential item in my day pack. Also bubbles, I love bubbles. And my pink party sunglasses.”


Rory Chappelle – Adventure Associate: “I have a few keepsakes I have collected over the years: A St. Christopher medallion (patron St. of travellers) gifted to me by my Nana, a medallion of the Archangel St. Michael, a medallion of a buddhist monk that was gifted to me from Yelli – one of our Thai contacts, three loonies I had left over in my pocket on my first ever trip to Thailand and with FnEZ, a 10 baht coin – the first piece of change I collected my first time in Thailand, my Dad’s drivers license, my Dad’s ashes which I have spread in all of the most amazing places I have been, a piece of Ayahuasca, a stone/piece from the heart of the mountain at Machu Picchu in Peru, and last but most important… an open heart and mind.”

Toni Sweetland – Trip Leader: “I can’t go anywhere without a sarong. they are good for literally everything. Towel, sheet, beach wrap, scarf, shade from the sun, curtain… you name it!! I always travel with 2-3 of my MANY sarongs… it’s a bit excessive but I like to have a designated one for sleeping and one for the beach.”

Carrie Robinson – Trip Leader: “My sarong. The amount of things I’ve made a sarong into is a loooong list. It’s helped me through cold travel days, wardrobe malfunctions, messy impromptu picnics, and even emergency situations.”

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