Surviving Sundays in San Juan

It’s no secret that Sundays in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, are some of the most glittery, wild, dance-filled and outrageous days you’ll have while exploring Central America. I myself have emerged from 10 or so Sunday Fundays (definitely not entirely unscathed) during my 6 months living in Nicaragua this year and have lived to tell the tale. Hopefully, these tried and true tips will help you emerge from your cocoon on Monday morning with minimal battle wounds and most of your dignity intact.



If you’ve been following my blogs over the last few years, it’s no secret that I’m the water police. While I’m wildly against buying one-use plastic bottles, Sunday Funday is the single exception to my personal rule! You’re going to be dancing your buns off in the hot Central American sun with drinks flowing all day long – do yourself (and your Monday morning self) a favour and drink way more water than you think you need. Pro-tip: many restaurants (The Loose Moose, Parlour, Nacho Libre, Dale Pues and more) offer free filtered water so hop on the agua train if you’re passing by!


It’s a long day – seriously. You’ll likely start sippin’ rum and beers before you even eat lunch and the party goes long after the sun sets. Be a smart partier and pace yourself! Slow and steady wins the race – the prize being a Monday where you’re not full of cringes and regrets. The cervezas ain’t going anywhere so slow your roll, homies!



The drink tickets from pool to pool aren’t transferable so don’t buy a whole mittful and lose out on those precious cordobas! I like to buy one or two at a time to 1) keep myself in check and 2) make sure that I’m not buying an abundance that may go to waste. And since we’re on the topic of drinks, I’ll just slide in as Mother Nature for a moment and let you know that you can reuse the same cup drink after drink, for as long as your glittery hands can keep hold of it 😉


There’s a very real chance that rum, dance, and music will take hold of your body and food will not be at the forefront of your thoughts. If burgers are not your jam (that’s what they have available at the last pool), then take a lil breather from AnaMar and head into town for a taco, burrito or quesadilla for some all-night wiggle fuel. But! Make sure you’re back before all the shuttles leave for Naked Tiger just before sunset. Pro-tip #2: a hint to my fellow vegans/veg heads…the shop called Falafel up the main road towards the San Juan Del Sur sign is the best. Period.



Can it go into a pool? No? leave it at your hostel. Even if you promise yourself that you won’t take a dip or that you’ll wrestle your way out of a pool-tossing, there’s water splashing constantly and your rum-soaked self may be a touch less mindful of your belongings. All you truly need is cash! Not your whole wallet. I repeat: not. your. whole. wallet. Phone for photos? There’s a professional photographer the whole day. Sunglasses? I’d tie a string around em’ so you can wear them as a necklace when the sun goes down. Fanny pack? Hell ya.

Now, my young Funday-ers, head down to the magical country of Nicaragua and see for yourself why travelers from all corners of Central America flock to San Juan every Sunday! Come join me when I escape the Canadian winter and wander back down to the jungle in Nicaragua.

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