The Best of Bali and the Gili Islands by Lauren Toth

Before my 10-day Indonesia trip with FnEZ, the thought of going to Indo had always been a dream of mine.  Photos of lush jungles, rushing waterfalls and beautiful beaches constantly flooded my newsfeed, and I just had to go.  So when I booked the trip last minute, I couldn’t contain my excitement, and I packed my bags and set off to Bali, or as some call it, “The Island of Gods”.  And let me tell you – it did not disappoint!  These were some of the major highlights:

1 – Ubud 

In my opinion, Ubud is the heart and soul of Bali.  It’s the cultural and spiritual hotspot of the island, so if you’re looking for an authentic travel experience, this is where you’ll find it.  One of the coolest days of our trip was spent pedal-biking through traditional villages and rice fields, learning about their culture from a local guide, and finishing it all off with a killer, super authentic Indonesian meal – cooked up just for us.  I also have to mention that the accommodations they hooked us up with here were definitely some of best I’ve stayed at in Asia!


2 – Mt. Batur Sunrise Hike

This was definitely one of the most dramatic sunrises I’ve ever seen.  Watching the sky surge with more and more saturated colours behind Mt. Batur and its volcanic lake was truly an amazing sight.  And what made it even better was that we earned that view.  In the wee hours of 2 am that morning, we set off to drive to the volcano and begin our dark ascend.  It was a sweaty and difficult hike up, but what we found at the top was worth it a thousand times over again!


3 – The Gili Islands

Ohhh, Gili, you beauty, you.  How can one begin to describe the beauty of these islands?  White sand beaches, amazing food, and colours of vibrant blue that I didn’t even know existed made up the sea. Mind-blowing sunsets were the perfect end to incredible days.  We snorkelled with turtles, discovered bizarre underwater statues, and took a boat cruise around to the surrounding islands with the whole crew.  These are the days that you just can’t forget.


To say the least, Indo was amazing.  And what made it even better was having a group of 20 new friends by my side to share it with, including 2 great leaders!  I always like to say that the best travel memories are not as much about where you are, but who you’re there with.  Trips with FnEZ are always full of adventure and interesting people, and they’re guaranteed to stretch your mind and help you to learn from the incredible places you see and the people you meet.  It’s like FnEZ says, epic travel alters perspective!

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