Top 3 Traveler Questions Answered!

Thinking about booking with Free and Easy? Here are the top 3 FAQs we get from people who want to travel with us, but have some lingering questions:

Question 1: Are you the cheapest company around?


Answer: Best Price Guarantee

Our trips are the best value and lowest cost–we checked!

Plus, we offer a Price Match Guarantee! If you find a comparable trip offered by another operator at a lower cost than ours, we promise to match it.

So no sweat, save your money for the delicious food, cold beverages and epic adventures!

Question 2: Do I have to pay for my trip right away?


Answer: Book Now, Pay Later

Risk-free deposits (good for life!) + interest-free payment plans (totally customizable!) = care-free booking (woo-hoo!)

We understand the need to save up for the adventure of a lifetime, so we have payment plans that allow you to make incremental payments over the preceding months to pay off your trip for the exact same price as if you paid in one lump sum! Check out our Payment Schedules for each trip.

If you don’t find your schedule here, are looking for a personal plan to fit your needs, or are doing a combination trip, please inquire with us for your personal payment schedule. We’re here to help!

 Also, if you suddenly can’t go on your trip, your deposit is good for life with Free & Easy!

 Question 3: What kind of trips are these?


Short Answer: Real Travel, However You Want

Long answer: Laid back, flexible itineraries for the 18-35 backpacker–come solo, or bring your crew!

It’s all about balance! Our philosophy is that this is “Your Trip”.

Feel like doing your own thing for a day or two? Looking for a party? Looking for a local hike? Just looking forward to enjoying our easy going, relaxed group itinerary that brings you to places off the beaten path, as well as backpacker hot spots? No problem! Our experienced Adventure Leaders are there to help you.

So if there’s something that’s at the top of your bucket list, don’t hesitate to let us know. We’ll make it happen! Our trips are a personal journey and group adventure all rolled into one!

Need more reasons to travel with Free & Easy? Check out our Global Initiatives, including being a carbon neutral company, ethical animal treatment, and having beach cleanups on every trip!


Did that answer all of your questions? Pick an adventure HERE!

Still have questions? Check out our Help Center Page for more!

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