Top 5 Things We Miss and Can’t Wait to get Back To

Local Food

When travelling, it’s all about the submersing yourself into the culture. You can get to know the culture by learning some of the language, visiting religious sites but one of the most delicious ways to learn about culture is diving into local cuisine –  YUMMMMM

Meeting New Faces

It’s been too long since we have had a good meaningful social conversation with someone we just met, other than the cashier at the grocery store. Sharing beautiful travel moments with perfect strangers who sometimes become lifelong friends is a staple to travelling. It’s 100% part of every single Free & Easy Experience.


Perhaps one of the most obvious things we miss, but still on the list! Whether its taking in a sunset beach frisbee session, enjoying a cold beer with new found friends or sunglasses on and catching a tan, beautiful salty beaches in a hot climate are what tells us we are far away from home and to just soak it all in!

New Experiences

We’re all guilty of getting into a regular routine, staying in our comfort zone. Very few will argue though, if you want to feel alive it’s all about spicing it up and stepping outside that comfort zone. Travelling is all about new experiences, trying something for the first time AND man oh man, do we miss that!

That Freedom Feeling

When you’re travelling, there’s no one to answer to but yourself. You’re on your own time, your own schedule, free to make the choices that will make you the happiest in that moment of time. That could mean going scuba diving, rock-climbing, sleeping in, reading a book on the beach or cracking a beer even if it isn’t 5pm. Travelling is the ultimate freedom!

With so much to look forward to, we can’t wait to have you along for the adventure. Check the Free & Easy Trip Calendar with upcoming, life-enhancing Travel Experiences.

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