Traveler of the Month: Alex Archer

Traveler Name: Alex Archer. But everyone calls me Red.

Hometown: Sarnia Ontario

Occupation: Chemical Operator (think Homer Simpson on a good day).


Trips with FnEZ: 25-day LTCNicaragua Final Fiesta 2016 (group 4ever!), Indonesia, Nicaragua Final Fiesta (the Final Fiesta was so much fun the first time I had to do it again), Philippines

Countries I’ve traveled to otherwise: Portugal, Iceland, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium, Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, Vietnam, East Coast of Canada and USA.

Why I travel: I travel to get lost in a new place to discover the way other people live. To find myself and expand my mind. The reason I decided to travel was because of this itch in my back of my head that told me there was more to life than just living in the same city forever. I travel because everyday is a new experience when you’re in an unfamiliar place. You don’t get that at home. Home is too comfortable. I like pushing my limits and conquering fears … well at least not letting them stop me from swimming with whale sharks or scuba diving with sea turtles.


My favourite travel memory with FnEZ: In this moment it would have to be the jungle trek on my LTC. That trip was my first taste of backpacking so everything was a new and slightly uncertain experience. It started with such a high with the waterfall and hot springs to an absolutely terrifying moment of being told to shake our shoes before putting them back on to check for scorpions. Family dinner in the village and playing chapeau getting to know everyone a little better. Accidentally sneaking up on a water buffalo and loving on adorable little puppies the next day at lunch. And finally coming out of the bush into camp and seeing the elephants. My heart must have skipped two beats. Being able to interact with these two beautiful creatures up close was such a gift. Bathing them and going to find them in the morning was an experience I will never forget. And if that wasn’t enough playing mind tricks with the locals, a campfire and the lanterns. Talk about tear jerker. As a group we were able to let go of the past be thankful for what/who we have and to look to the future. Life long bonds we made that night.


Top 3 items I can’t travel without: My phone/camera. I wish I was better at taking pictures of the amazing views and people I meet. I’m usually too busy trying to take it all in. But am so thankful when I get home and have some snaps to help trigger those memories. My dry bag. The number of times it has saved all of my important things on an unexpected water day has made it a must have item. And finally I would have to say my sarong. It has so many functions. From towel to blanket to temple skirt to make shift pillow.

What I love about traveling with FnEZ: Besides the amazingness that is having the whole trip planned from locations to transport (Didn’t quite realize how difficult and annoying planning that is until I travelled solo) I would have to say the friendships that we’re able to create. I have met some truly amazing people that have had such a life changing impact. I met an incredible group of ladies in Nica and we started our own sisterhood of the travelling sarong that jumps on a plane when anyone of us is travelling. I also unknowingly met my now best friend on my very first layover in Shanghai on my way to Bangkok. I had no idea where to go or what to do so I low key followed this person who looked like she knew what she was doing (she didn’t either). Started up a conversation in the security line as we both tried to chug back our full water bottles only to realize we were going to the same place and actually travelling with the same company…FnEZ.


Next bucket list item I need to check off: Learning to speak Spanish. But I want to do it by staying with a family in South America and just being completely immersed. There is something thrilling and slightly scary about being forced to learn the language in order to survive day to day.

My future travel plans: Speaking of South America I am actually going to Peruwith FnEZ in October and am super stoked about it. This trip has always eluded my schedule so I’m very excited it’s going to happen.

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