Traveler of the Month: Carly Scott

Traveler Name: Carly Scott

Hometown: Calgary, AB, Canada

Occupation: Cardiac Nurse

Trips I’ve taken with FnEZ: 25-day LTC, 10-day Northern Thailand, 10-day Southern Thailand, 20-day Indonesia, 20-day Western Philippines


Countries I’ve traveled to otherwise: France, Germany, Mexico, U.S.

Why I travel: Adventures!! Wanderlust is a real thing. Travel is a healthy addiction I will never be able to kick. You get to know yourself better, and challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone. Making unforgettable memories, creating lifelong friendships and bonds. Not allowing life to escape you. To learn and experience different cultures, and lastly to ground myself (literally going barefoot-no shoes, where it’s safe of course!).

My favourite travel memory with FnEZ: I have way too many good memories.

1) Travelling to Railay, Southern Thailand. Such a unique environment. From a paradise beach sunset with all the sangria, to bar adventuring to waking up and having a dip in an infinity pool, to rock climbing/rappelling, fire spinning and most of all spending your days and nights with people you have come to absolutely love.

2) Going back to the Northern Thailand jungle for the FnEZ trekking and visiting the two sister elephants. Two years apart (2017 and 2019) I visited these gentle giants. I’ve always been skeptic about elephants remembering faces, but walking into the village and being remembered by these two beauties was more than mind blowing. I still can’t believe it.


My most embarrassing travel story:  Whether embarrassing stories such as Asia belly experiences or people figuring out I have an inner cat lady, they seem to become not so embarrassing when you realize you’re definitely not the only one. In terms of hilarious stories there are way too many. I still have a vivid memory from my first free and easy trip in Northern Thailand. It was the last day of our jungle trek. We were leaving the last village and got to bamboo raft down the river… but really it was closer to XTREMEEE bamboo white water rafting. While we hung on tight over the rapids we witnessed other rafts capsizing, then guides and bags flying off the rafts left, right and centre. We got lucky with our rafts and had not as wild of rides as some others, mind you it was just the end of rainy season but our guide did mentioned the river was the highest he has seen it in a while. The belly laughs heard that day were probably heard miles away. Way too much fun!

Top 3 items I can’t travel without: Sunscreen (damn ginger genes!), sarong, and a bandana.


What I love about traveling with FnEZ: The atmosphere, adventures, and people. I love how FnEZ is a family. I developed lifelong friends with both leaders and group members. You are without a doubt living Free & Easy and creating some wild memories as a group.

My next bucket list item I need to check off: Trek to Machu Picchu, but oh SO many more! 

My future travel plans: Vietnam, Eastern Philippines, Hawaii

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