Traveler of the Month: Cat Lemme

Traveler Name: Cat Lemme

Hometown: Owen Sound, Ontario

Occupation: Manager of “Well In Hand Health Food Store”

Trips With FNEZ: 40-day Thailand “Experience The Land Of Smiles,” 20-day Philippines “Step Off The Beaten Path,” 3-day Mont Tremblant Ski Trip

Why I Travel: To feel Zen. To get back to appreciating how lucky I am with my Canadian middle class lifestyle. To meet new people, hear their stories and share my story with them. To make new memories and gain new experiences. To see new views, experience new cultures and FOOD! I travel because I LOVE FOOD!


Favourite Travel Experience: “Some of the world’s natural beauties cannot be captured on camera, but must be seen with the bare eye. When I first witnessed the glow of Phosphorescence, it was on the secluded island of Lao Liang in Thailand. After a long day of playing beach games and relaxing in my hammock, I waited for the sun to go down and watched as the ocean glowed with every wave hitting the sand. In complete darkness, my fellow travellers and I stripped down and jumped in. We watched in amazement as our bodies light up with every movement. With nothing but the moonlight, the stars and the glow of phytoplankton to guide us, I received a feeling like there is nowhere else in the world I would rather be.”


Describe The Moment The Travel Bug Hit: It’s not a feeling that can be described. After high school and before college, I travelled to Antigua, Guatemala. I went with a friend and my dad (he is a pretty cool dude). We stayed at a spot in the mountains called “Earth Lodge.” We volunteered at a local school, we went zip lining in some thick clouds in the mountains, visited some local coffee farmers and hit up the local markets and restaurants. We met new people and exchanged stories about our lives. We were dirty, stinky, had no cell phones to carry around and owned nothing but the contents of our backpacks. After arriving back home in Ontario, showering and getting back into routine…I couldn’t help but think to myself “I can’t wait for round two!”


Why Did You Choose Group Travel? My first FnEZ trip was not long after I graduated college. All my friends either had the money but not the time, or had the time but not the money. I had saved money and thankfully had the time, but I had no one to go with. I chose group travel so that I wouldn’t have to experience Thailand alone. Also, FnEZ had all the hard stuff organized already like transportation and accommodation. My biggest decision was “how early is too early for me to crack a cold Chang?”…it’s never too early.


Future Travel Plans: I plan ongoing the 25-day Thailand, Laos and Cambodia “A Backpacker’s Dream” in the next year and also checking out Vietnam or Indonesia either before or after that trip. I’d also love to go to New Zealand sometime in the next few years…but Peru is also calling my name! We shall see! My plans change on a daily basis!


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