Traveler of the Month: Ceanna Biberdorf

Traveler Name: Ceanna Biberdorf

Hometown: Estevan, Saskatchewan. Canada

Occupation:  Hairstylist 

Trips with FnEZ:  20-day Colombia, 20-day Peru, 10-day Costa Rica, 10-day Costa Rica & Panama, 20-day Nicaragua 


Countries I’ve traveled to otherwise: Indonesia, Europe, Ireland, Scotland

Why I travel:

I travel because of the excitement, everyday you’re doing something new, something that brings a different type of excitement into your life. Whether I’m waking up at 3 a.m. to hike a giant volcano, or just going to check out the culture of the city I’m in, it’s all so amazing. Everyday is so different and every place is so different, I get to really learn and especially learn things about myself. Travelling truly is a life changer and one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 

My favourite travel memory with FnEZ:

My favourite travel memory would be when Kyle and Sam (FnEZ Trip Leaders) carried around a full sized cake for like 3 days and we all were so confused about why they were taking this half smushed cake out to the desert with us. Well after trying their best to keep it alive on the dune buggies we get to sunset on the sand dunes and they start to sing us all happy birthday because there was a handful of us that had birthdays just a week before the trip started. But of course, the boys forgot forks so we ate with our hands, like real creatures in the desert. haha!! 


My most hilarious travel story:

Not sure if this is more hilarious or more terrifying… while doing a 2 day hike, we stayed over night in this “oasis” where we had these huts high off the ground, you know to protect us from danger. Well we had a little friend that night, A RAT! I could hear him chewing into my snack bag. I fell asleep then  had to go pee so I get up to go and this darn thing is standing on the stairs and won’t let me down. So a friend gets up and we are standing at battle with this rat, terrified. Until the whole hut wakes up and scares him away, and we all had to do a team trip to the bathroom to keep an eye out for the dangerous creature. 

Top 3 items I can’t travel without:

– My snack bag!! It’s never forgotten. 

– Speaker, you never know when you’ll need to liven up the party. 

– Battery pack, it’s saved the day on many travel days. 

What I love about traveling with FnEZ:

I love travelling with FnEZ because sometimes you just don’t know where to start when wanting to travel and they make it so easy. I’ve been able to meet so many amazing friends and had the opportunity to experience excursions in a special way rather than if I were travelling alone. I love that we are reassured that “it’s your trip” so they try their best to help you do what you want to do. 


Next bucket list item I need to check off:

Diving the Great Barrier Reef, always been on the bucket list and I’m hoping to check it off soon. 

My future travel plans:

I just got to Australia on a working visa! 

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