Traveler of the Month: Cherith Neisler

Traveler Name: Cherith Neisler

Hometown: Arlington, Virginia, USA

Occupation: Registered Nurse


Trips with FnEZ: 20-Days in Greece “Beaches Beyond Beautiful,” which I then extended to 10-Days in Spain “Sunsets and Sangria,” which I then extended my extension to 10-Days in Portugal “Lagos to Lisbon.”

Countries traveled to otherwise: Besides Greece, Spain, and Portugal: USA (duh), Canada, Bahamas, Iceland, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Vatican City, Germany, France, Austria, and England.

Why I travel: So many reasons! There are so many beautiful places in the world and I want to see all of them! I love learning about the history and culture in different places, but mostly I love meeting new people. The friends I’ve met while traveling and the memories we’ve created will last a lifetime.


Favourite travel memory with FnEZ: That is such a hard question! There’s so many to choose from. I remember one specific family dinner in Greece where we sat and talked and laughed in the restaurant for close to three hours. I remember thinking, ‘I’m sitting in a restaurant in Greece with a bunch of people I just met four days ago and I’m laughing more than I’ve laughed in a long time.’ That was the moment I knew I was going to love FnEZ!

Most hilarious travel story: One night in Ios, Greece, we were at the Fun Pub and a couple of my friends, Kacy and Jenny, and I decided we wanted to walk back to our hotel. We’re walking down the middle of the street when we hear something trotting behind us and Kacy yells, “OH MY GOD GUYS THERE’S A DONKEY!” I look behind us and there literally is a Donkey running toward us. We all take off running and the donkey passes us and then we just died laughing. Only in Greece can you be chased in the street by a donkey! 


Top 3 items I can’t travel without: My headphones to listen to music, a book to read (though I’m not going to lie, I didn’t get much reading done on the FnEZ trips… there were too many friends to hang out with!), and my sarong, which is so useful! I use it as a beach towel, a cover up coming back from the beach, a blanket when I’m cold on the bus, so many things!

What I love about traveling with FnEZ: The best thing about FnEZ is definitely the people. It provides instant friends, who become family! I have definitely made some lifelong friends on these trips. I already went to visit one of them in London! I can’t wait for my next FnEZ trip!

My future travel plans: Well I’ve already booked New Year’s in Nicaragua with FnEZ, which I’m pretty excited about! I’m also planning on going to Yacht Week in Croatia next summer with FnEZ. Other than that, I have some beach trips planned this summer and I’m going to visit a friend in Oregon for her wedding. In September I’ll be starting travel nursing, which means I’ll be living in different cities in the US for 13 weeks at a time. Oh, and I’m definitely going to the FnEZ reunions this fall!

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