Traveler of the Month: David Engel

Traveler Name: Dave Engel

Hometown: Hamburg, Germany

Occupation: Political Scientist 

Trips with FnEZ: 25-day Laos, Thailand & Cambodia, 20-day Colombia, 10-day Costa Rica, 10-day Costa Rica & Panama


Countries I’ve traveled to otherwise: Denmark, France, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, Vatikan, Poland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Switzerland, Austria, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Jordan, Canada, USA, Cuba, Guatemala, United Kingdom, Ireland, Northern Ireland

Why I travel: To explore other countries, learn about different cultures, practice or learn languages and make new friends!

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My favourite travel memory with FnEZ: If I have to pick one from a lot of great memories- Angkor Wat during sunrise.

My most hilarious travel story: One time, the passengers of an entire aircraft had to wait for me as the last one getting there and they were already looking for my checked bag. Maybe some pre-boarding beverages had mixed boarding and gate closed times up.

Top three items I can’t travel without: My phone, shades, and a good book.


What I love about traveling with FnEZ: It‘s very easy-going, you don‘t have to worry about anything, you have amazing and very experienced leaders and it‘s a great way for me to avoid the typical German travel group.

Next bucket list item I need to check-off: Probably doing a windsurfing course back in Germany (Baltic Sea).

My future travel plans: All missing European capitals, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand and a lot more…

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