Traveler of the Month: Jennifer Hiebert

Traveler Name: Jenny (Jenjamin) Hiebert

Hometown: Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Occupation: Seasonal Server

Trips I’ve taken with FnEZ: 5 days in Cambodia (specialized trip), 10 days in Bali, 10 days in Northern Thailand, and 20 days in Southern Thailand


Countries I’ve traveled to otherwise: Brazil, United States, Trinidad and Tobago

Why I travel: There’s nothing like exploring and being immersed into a new culture! I love experiencing a new way of living and learning the history behind the architecture and way of life. You can’t compare travelling with anything else, it changes the way you see things and yourself whether major or minor. You’re pretty much forced to step out of your comfort zone in many situations and meet amazing people from all over. There’s no adventure like travelling the world!


My favourite travel memory with FnEZ: After a long and very sweaty trek through the jungle in Northern Thailand, coming up on the last village where when we went down a short path to an enclosure we got to see elephants! Hanging out, bathing and feeding the elephants for the days that we stayed there was such an amazing experience. I wouldn’t be able to explain how out of this world it was to see them and be able to interact with such gentle giants. Also during this time the trip leaders surprised us with an activity where we wrote things we wanted to let go of on a Chinese lantern. And on another one we wrote things we wished for. It turned out to be a very emotional experience and brought us all closer together. 


My most hilarious travel story: One of the funniest memories would have to be the beach Olympics while we were at Barcelona in Koh Phangan. We were all split into teams and had to compete against eachother and one of the activities was we had to spin around a bat ten times and then hit the ball afterwards. Seems easy right, well we were all surprised by how difficult it was! Most of us were stumbling and falling down like we had just had five buckets, after only a few spins! It was the funniest thing to watch everyone landing on their butts completely dazed and hysterically laughing!!

Top 3 items I can’t travel without:

1. A good book, mostly for the airplane and laying on the beach in the sun, otherwise I’m usually to busy to read while travelling.

2. Music, I can’t go anywhere without my multiple spotify playlists for the multiple different occasions I’ll want them for.

3. A deck of cards comes in handy more than you’d think they would, because it’s the perfect thing to waste time during those waiting periods in train stations and restaurants.

What I love about traveling with FnEZ: Definitely all the amazing new people you get to meet! It’s crazy how close you get to a group of complete strangers after spending 24/7 with them. You become a big family with all the love and support a real family has. I’ve made some amazing lifelong friends on my trips and I can’t wait to visit them.


Next bucket list item I NEED to check off: Machu Picchu in Peru! And all of the world wonders, I’ve got Angkor Wat and Christ the Redeemer Statue checked off already so only 5 more to go!

My future travel plans: My best friend and I have been wanting to go to Greece for years now and hopefully we can plan for that soon! After that everywhere!


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