Traveler of the Month: Julie Tschida

Name: Julie Tschida. Last name pronounced “cheetah”! But most people call me Jules!

Hometown: Spruce Grove, Alberta

Occupation: Journeyman Parts Technician


Trips with FnEZ:

40-day Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama15-day Nica New Years25-day LTC, and 20-day Southern Thai!

Other countries traveled: 

Mexico, United States, Canada

Why I travel: 

So many reasons! I truly believe that there is no better way to learn about other countries, cultures, and religions than to put yourself there. I think it gives you more appreciation for your home and everything we are lucky to have. The relationships and memories you make along the way are also unforgettable! Every day is completely different and unique just like every new place you visit. I also like how much you learn about yourself and grow while traveling, because sometimes you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable! To sum things up I think traveling is just good for the soul!

My most embarrassing travel story:

Definitely an embarrassing one! It was my first encounter with a squatter in Asia and I was actually kind of excited about it. Little did I know it takes a lot of balance on your first try haha. I’m pretty sure I got pee backsplash all over my feet but at that point I just thought “well I have pee on my feet I’m sure it won’t be the most interesting thing I experience in asia” but I lost those flip flops anyways!


Favourite travel memory with FnEZ:  

Very hard to narrow them all down!  Well anyone who knows me will know my all time favourite animals are Elephants! So guess what I was looking forward to the entire jungle trek hike on my LTC trip… meeting the elephants!! I was so excited to see them when we got to our camp I pretty much just threw my bags on the ground and changed so I could go feed them and touch them. We get to bathe them in the river and hang out with them all afternoon and the next morning! That was truly something I never thought I would actually get to experience but seeing some in the wild and not cooped up and hang out with them ethically was the most unforgettable experience of my life.

Top 3 items you can’t travel without:

1. A bright beautiful tye dye sarong!! And every other traveller will know exactly why and agree with me.

2. GoPro with a floating handle! Not only am I really good at taking GoPro selfies I’m also really good at taking GoPro videos that I think are selfies… “oh it’s a video”

3. An iPod full of good music and a speaker because there’s never a bad time for some jams and I am always down to bust a move.


Why I love traveling with FnEZ:

What I love about traveling with FnEZ is that I have never felt more myself than on a trip with you guys! The leaders I’ve been lucky enough to have guided me through jungle treks and helped me face my fears, been a shoulder to cry on and even my wildest dance partners. All while making sure each of my 25 fellow group members were also getting the same love! By booking a FnEZ trip I had no idea I would get so addicted to traveling with them but no matter what I keep coming back because they’ve got me on the best journey of my life so far! They could not have picked a better name for this company because they make it F’n easy to live free I’ll tell ya that much!!

Next bucket list item I NEED to check off: 

Cage dive with great whites of course!

My future travel plans:

In the near future I hope to finish traveling through Southeast Asia as I was unable to visit the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam when I was last there. Whatever option I choose next, it’ll be with the FnEZ fam!! Oh and see you at Nica New Years round two 2017/2018!!

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