Traveler of the Month: Kadence Anselmo

Traveler Name: Kadence Anselmo

Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta

Occupation: Nursing Student

Trips With FnEZ: 20-day Thailand “A Dose Of Paradise,” 10-day Volunteer Thailand “Share The Love,” 25-day Laos, Thailand & Cambodia “A Backpacker’s Dream

Why I Travel: I travel because nothing beats the feeling of complete freedom, knowing you’re surrounded by amazing people or going to bed at night saying “that was the best day ever”, every single day. I never really knew that I had the potential to be as happy as I am when I’m traveling, especially with my Free & Easy peeps.


Most Memorable Travel Experience: As for a specific experience, I would have to say my entire time spent in Chiang Mai, volunteering in the jungle, hanging out with the elephants and pushing myself so far out of my comfort zone only to learn and gain so much. I’ll never forget the people I met during that time and all that our group accomplished for the village. Overall though, the most memorable thing I took out of my travels is each and every single person I met. Leaving my life here and traveling alone was one of the hardest things I have ever done but I can say with every experience and friendship that I made, it was also the best thing I have ever done. There’s some pretty cool people out there. Oh…can I also add Laos pool party? And Angkor Wat?!


What Is Your Favourite Country To Travel To, And Why? My favourite country is Thailand. I felt at home immediately. So many of my favourite memories and experiences came out of my month in Thailand. Watching the sunset in Railay, the full moon party, days at the Lake House…there’s nothing quite like it.

Biggest “Culture Shock” Moment? The moment you step off the plane, sweaty, happy and drinking a beer you bought at the 7/11 next to security. It all happens very fast.


Any “Must Have” Items In Your Backpack? A good camera and a cute bikini! Maybe some gravol for those ferry rides after a late night…

So…Where To Next?! What’s next on the list?! Everything! There is honestly not a place in this world that I would not love to go to. However, Indonesia and Baliare high on my list for the next adventure.

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