Traveler of the Month: Kaitlyn Pretty

Traveler Name: Kaitlyn Pretty

Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta

Occupation: Dental Hygienist


Trips with FnEZ: 20-day Greece trip, 20-day Colombia trip, 10-day Costa Rica & Panama trip

Countries I’ve traveled to otherwise: USA, Italy, Mexico, United Kingdom.

Why I travel: I travel because I love exploring the world! This world is full of so many beautiful places and people! Every time I travel I feel like I find a little piece of my soul and really follow my heart’s desires! I am my truest self when I travel. It has made me love my home in Edmonton, but also helped me to not be afraid and get out there on my own and seize every opportunity! I am so grateful for travel!

My favourite travel memory with FnEZ: My favourite travel memory with FnEZ… this is such a hard one. Whenever you go on a FnEZ trip you LOVE every minute and every second of every day. Even if it is a long travel day. But my most recent favourite travel memory with FnEZ would be going to Colombia and seeing the wax palm trees… just like in Jurassic Park. Our trip leaders (Josh and Kyle) played the Jurassic Park theme song (yeah, you know the one) as we walked up to the opening of this group of wax palms along the jungly mountainside and it was surreal. It literally brought tears to my eyes and made my insides all giddy. Later on that trip, we built a fire on a secret beach in Tayrona and sat around the fire drinking beers and I read Jurassic Park on my kindle to the group. It was pretty epic and I will never forget that amazing feeling I had in my soul.


My other favourite travel memory would be the ENTIRE Greece trip with Evan and Jimi and my travel group! It was the most amazing travel experience of my life to date! It really helped me to find a passion and love for travel and I felt like a true Greek at heart the whole trip! There is no other place like Greece. Especially Plakias!!

 My most embarrassing/hilarious travel story: This might not sound as funny as it was in the moment, but I kind of peed my pants in the middle of the street one night in Colombia… because basically I am an old woman now and any time I laugh or sneeze, I end up peeing myself. I never laughed more than with the people on my Colombia trip and something was so so so funny that I peed myself. A couple beers may have been involved.

Top 3 items I can’t travel without:

1. I cannot travel without good tunes and a speaker!

2. I cannot travel (most of the time) without a beach worthy bikini (I am a total beach bum and find the beach wherever I travel).

3. I cannot travel without a good pair of sunglasses and my Osprey day pack.

 What I love about traveling with FnEZ: I love that with FnEZ you get the real experience! It is YOUR trip with all the experience of a trip leader to help you get the best travel experience EVER! FnEZ attracts the best people to their trips and you meet the most amazing people that end up being your family from all over Canada and other places in the world! FnEZ takes you off the beaten path and gives you an authentic cultural experience.


Next bucket list item I need to check off: I MUST take a helicopter ride where Jurassic Park was filmed in Hawaii! I am a die hard fan!

My future travel plans: The travel bug has hit me again this month. I am dying to go to SpainPortugal, and Croatia next. There are so many places I want to see. Who knows where life will take me. I hope to catch some of you around the world.

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