Traveler of the Month: Kyle George

Name: Kyle George

Trips with FnEZ: 20-days in Greece “Beaches Beyond Beautiful

Why I travel: Most times I travel to see things, but sometimes I travel to do things; but I always travel to learn things.

Favourite Travel Experience: While travelling Greece we were on Ios Island staying in this beautiful villa, located across the road from the beach. There was a restaurant located next to our villa, just off the patio of my room, and every night there was classical music being played live. I would sit out there and listen to the wonderful music while watching the sunset over the Aegean Sea. It made me realize how truly blessed I was to be able to experience such a beautiful country. At the time I was feeling very homesick, and while sitting there watching all the different colors throughout the sky change as the sun went down, and then with the beautiful sounds singing from the piano.


Why Greece? I chose Greece because it was always on my “travel bucket-list”, so after tons and tons of research and debating “should I do it, I don’t want to go alone”. I just decided one day that I was going. Originally I was going on this adventure alone, so I decided to choose Free and Easy because they allow you to get what you want out of your trip, and don’t force you into anything you don’t want to do. Gotta love “Eagle Time”.

Future Travel Plans: October, my partner and I are off to Europe for three weeks for our honeymoon. We’ll be spending 4 nights in Amsterdam, then off to Malaga Spain for fourteen days. And finally we’ll be finishing our trip off in the city of love, Paris France. Our hotel has a wonderful view of the Eiffel Tower were we will be spending three days. Besides this trip, I will be seeing the other part of the Free and Easy Mediterranean adventure, and spending twenty days in Turkey, before embarking on a six week Euro Trip. Can’t wait to spend another epic adventure with FNEZ.

My travel day music consists of anything that I’m able to sing along to, from Britney Spears, Snoop Dogg, to Whitney Houston. As long as its got a good beat, and I know the words, then its on my iPod.

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