Traveler of the Month: Marley Cuevas

Traveler Name: Marley Cuevas

Hometown: Dallas, Texas, USA 
Occupation: Underwriter
Trips with FnEZ: 10-day Costa Rica & Panama, 20-day Colombia, 20-day Peru, 20-day Vietnam, 10-day Bali
Countries I’ve traveled to otherwise: Mexico, Israel
Why I travel: The freedom to let loose and live in the moment. Everyday was a dream. There is something magical about being in a certain place, at a certain time, knowing you won’t be in that moment again, but soaking it in. Everyone travels for different reasons. To share new experiences with a group of people who are going on the same journey as you is really special. On top of that, experiencing new cultures, and seeing what the world truly has to offer is an invaluable experience. Nothing compares.
My favourite travel memory with FnEZ: There are too many! The FnEZ motorbike day in Vietnam was unreal. Such a cool and fun way to travel through the country.
Top 3 items I can’t travel without: 
  1. Fanny pack

  2. Chacos & Crocs

  3. Travel Pillow


What I love about traveling with FnEZ: The people! The FnEZ gang knows how to show their travelers a good time. I also admire how FnEZ builds relationships with their contacts at the places we visit. All FnEZ groups receive such a warm welcome for some of the really cool activities we participate in. Our hosts look forward to having FnEZ groups because of the great bonds FnEZ has developed with them over the years.
Next bucket list item I need to check off:  To improve my Spanish speaking skills and work on becoming fluent… aka a really good excuse to travel throughout the rest of South America.
My future travel plans: Not at the moment, but I would love to visit all my new Canadian friends. Shoutout to all the amazing people I had the pleasure of traveling with, most of which happen to be Canadian. It would be so fun to visit Canada one day!

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