Traveler of the Month: Matt Healy

Name: Matt Healy

Hometown: St. Albert, Alberta

Occupation: Chef

Trips with FnEZ: 40-day Thailand “Experience the Land of Smiles,” 20-day Nicaragua “The Secret of Central America,” 10-day Nicaragua New Years “The Final Fiesta,” 3-day Revelstoked Snow Trip, 3-day Whitefish Snow Trip


Why I travel: It starts with the anticipation when I’m planning and booking a trip. Once I arrive in a brand new country, it’s hard to beat that initial feeling of culture shock. One of the best perks of traveling is meeting so many incredible people, such as other travelers from around the world or locals who are usually more than hospitable. Especially when I meet people who don’t have a lot but see that they sometimes have the biggest smile. It really puts things into perspective, and makes me appreciate what I have and how lucky I am to have the ability to travel. Also, it’s finding myself in a whole new surrounding each day, whether it’s a temple in a rain forest, watching the sunrise from the top of a volcano, or with new friends around a fire on the beach. And, I’m in love with the food. I’m always stoked to try new dishes wherever I go. Travel becomes an addiction where you step outside your comfort zone and grow as a person. The only way to cure it is to hop on a plane to the next destination.

Favourite FnEZ Travel Memory: The four days I spent in paradise on Little Corn Island in Nicaragua. If I wasn’t in the water getting my Open Water Scuba Certification, then I was sitting on the beach with an ice cold Toña, enjoying fresh lobsters and empañadas, or swinging in a hammock. Can you say paradise?


Most Embarrassing Travel Story? Let’s just say I could write a short novel about the shenanigans of the 180 person FnEZ NYE party in Nica.

Top 3 Items you can’t travel without:

  • A deck of cards/crib board – Perfect way to spend time waiting for a train or sitting in a bar on the beach

  • A camera – Need to be able to capture a stunning landscape or a memorable night out

  • A bottle of Frank’s Red Hot – I’ve actually run out. So, if someone could bring me a bottle, we’d be instant best friends.

Next Bucket List item you NEED to check off? My next must do is the Everest base camp trek. At some point, I’d even love to climb Everest itself.


Future Travel Plans: I’m currently living in Melbourne, so I’ll explore the rest of Australia before heading back to New Zealand. India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Burma are on my radar for my next trip.

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