Traveler of the Month: Meghan Joncas

Traveler Name: Meghan Joncas

Hometown: Newmarket, Ontario

Occupation: Nurse

Trips With FnEZ: 10-day Costa Rica “Endless Summer Roadtrip, 10-day Indonesia “Bali & The Gili Islands, 10-day Thailand “A Taste of Paradise

Why I Travel: I travel for the taste. Not just the taste of beautiful beaching, dense jungle forest, massive mountains but for the taste of culture; the taste of unique foods made by locals across our world. I recently ventured to Indonesia and one of my top favourite moments was indulging in all of the fresh foods that the night market had to offer on Gili Trawangan. There were numerous vendors with an abundant amount of mouth watering food selections to choose from.  There’s just nothing like picking a piece of fish, meat, or mixed kebab you would like and having it laid on the grill to cook right in front of you. Mouth watering, finger licking good! Not to mention washing it down with a large Bintang!


Describe for us the VERY best meal you’ve had while on the road: I’m definitely a seafood loving person therefore my very best meal on the road goes to an amazing fresh fish fry I had in Costa Rica with my FnEZ fam jam. Meal prep began with a few of our group members sailing into the deep blue returning with a serious amount of Mahi-Mahi, while the rest of the group chipped in to buy the necessities to make a mouth watering meal. With teamwork in the kitchen a fantastic meal was prepared of sashimi, guacamole, ceviche and a large fish tacos spread. Add a couple cool beers or wine (pick your poison) and it was indisputably my favourite travel meal.  Best sashimi I’ve EVER tasted as the freshness was undeniable. (Shout out to my onesie loving Central America FnEZ group).

Do you like to cook while you’re home? What’s your favourite meal to prepare? I’m definitely not the most experienced cook in my family but while at home I do put in a valiant effort in at the kitchen. I love finding new recipes to try (thank you internet) and experimenting with my everyday favourites. My preferred meal to cook would be Crockpot Spinach Lasagna. It’s super easy to prepare but with small changes to the pasta sauce or cheese used I’m able to make it slightly different each time, keeping those taste buds wanting more.  Overall though, it’s one of my favourite meals to make not because I necessarily enjoy the preparing process but because at the end of it all I know it makes a hearty meal my friends and family enjoy.


Have you ever tried something you absolutely DIDN’T like? I’m pretty easy going when it comes to food and have tried many different dishes across the world but I think the winner would go to the a sausage/Dutch Krokets creation I had when visiting the Netherlands. Sadly the veal/beef ragout inside was extremely soft textured and the taste did not jive with my taste buds whatsoever. Not to mention I think texture played a large role in my overall dislike. Did my best to stomach as much as it as I could and checked it off as an experience I don’t need to have twice.

What’s the strangest food you’ve ever eaten? Wish I could say something cool like BBQ scorpion or roasted beetles but I honestly can’t think of something that awesome from what I’ve consumed to date.  I mean I’ve eaten (or should I say more choked on) my fair share of bugs playing soccer or running, but who hasn’t?  One not so popular food that I do actually love and might be strange to some, as your average restaurants don’t usually have it on their menus, is snails.  Escargot is a delicacy I absolutely love! I totally recommend giving it a try if you haven’t experienced snails before and one day I’ll take that advice and eat some exotic insects (bucket list must).

Any future travel plans? What’s next on the list? Nica New Years of course!

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