Traveler of the Month: Morgan Bean

Traveler Name: Morgan Bean

Hometown:  Vauxhall, Alberta

Occupation: CS student & professional liquor sales associate

Trips with FnEZ: 25-day LTC20-day Indonesia, and 20-Philippines ‘Off the beaten path’, and last summer I did 20-day Peru with FnEZ.


Countries I’ve traveled to otherwise: I have visited Costa Rica, Mexico, & USA.

Why I travel: I never traveled much as kid. I was always heavily interested in seeing the world and when I finally got to travel I fell in love with it and I knew I wanted to see as much of it as I can. Not only that but travel helps me understand myself better and I feel like I grow a little more as person with each adventure.

My favourite travel memory with FnEZ: I don’t know how to pick one because I have had so many great memories with FnEZ but one of the first that comes to mind is my birthday I spent on the Gili Islands.

We had just arrived in Gili from conquering Mount Rinjani and were all ready to party. I got iced several times and some of the leaders went out of there way to surprise me with a gift of replacing the sarong I lost just a day earlier. Everybody was having a blast with their way to celebrate with me. We all sang and danced our way through the clubs at Gili and had a hilariously fantastic dinner together. I don’t think I’ve had a better birthday!


Top 3 items I can’t travel without: A sarong, it’s the ultimate travel towel. It’s a sweater, beach towel, blanket, and so much more. I only wish I wasn’t so bad at losing them!

Music and a number of great playlists. You have plenty of long travel days and having the right songs and music is absolutely key for me getting around. The Shazam app too, so I can pick up great songs from people I meet along the way is a must!

And lastly my travel journal, once you are traveling around for a couple of months it’s impossible to remember what you did and how you felt about it so long ago. It’s really fun to read things now and see how my attitude and thoughts have changed.

What I love about traveling with FnEZ: The biggest thing I love about travelling with FnEZ is that they draw in such an amazing crowd of fun loving easy going people who are all eager to explore and meet like-minded fun loving people like myself. The leaders with FnEZ are never just your 9-5 doing that job tour guides either, they are travelers who want to see as experience amazing thing just like I do!


Next bucket list item I need to check off: Man oh man, my bucket list is long and constantly expanding at this point. I’m so excited to see so many places and things that I can’t possibly pick just one. Nica New Years is calling my name though, that’s for sure! I am for sure going to be knocking that one out this  winter!

Any future travel plans: Absolutely!! My girlfriend and I are going to Puerto Rico this Christmas break and then we will be making our way  to Nicaragua with FnEZ this new years! Next summer I’ll either be Europe or in New Zealand/Australia & Vietnam! I’ve reached a point now where I realize travel is a major part of who I am and I’ll never stop making new travel plans!

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