Traveler of the Month: Paige Gesell

Name: Paige Gesell

Hometown: Chestermere, Alberta

Occupation: Photographer

Trips with FnEZ: 20-day Indonesia “Experience it All,” 20-day Peru “Wander Through the Incan World,” and TWO CONSECUTIVE Nicaragua New Years “The Final Fiesta” trips!


Why I Travel: I travel to experience as much of this beautiful world as I possibly can. Everywhere I go has something to teach me. Sometimes I learn that *I* still have things to teach myself!

Most memorable travel experience: In Peru, our group hiked as a unit up Machu Picchu, and our guide Julian made sure we stopped frequently to look around us, to take a deep breath and watch the clouds forming and swirling. At one point, he asked us all (in Spanish) to take the hand of the person in front of us and the hand of the person behind us and close our eyes. I’m pretty sure we all thought we were going to fall off the face of the mountain, but we held onto each other to take the last few steps onto a plateau. As one, we opened our eyes to take in the lost Incan city and….just wow. Literally everyone in our group had tears in their eyes. To this day, I can still feel that same feeling I got at that exact moment.


Craziest food you’ve tried on a FneZ trip? Nothing super crazy, more like weird combinations of things…like eggs on top of rice with lime and hot sauce. I’d never had coconut water straight from the coconut before, believe it or not, so that was a new one too!

List the top 3 songs on your travel playlist: 

  • Summer Girls – LFO

  • Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond

  • Sexual Healing – Marvin Gaye


Any tips for first time FnEZ travelers? You can never have too many wireless speakers, especially on bus rides. That really colorful pair of leggings and that dumb hat you never thought you’d wear? Yeah, now’s the time to break them out. REMEMBER TO HYDRATE. What are you waiting for?!

Where to next?! South Africa…swimming with sharks? Heck yes!


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