Traveler of the Month: Rebecca Steinhubl

Traveler Name: Rebecca Steinhubl

Hometown: Sherwood Park, AB, Canada

Occupation: Blogger/Cash Supervisor at Shoppers

Trips with FnEZ: 40 Day LTC!

Countries traveled to otherwise: Canada, U.S.A., Mexico, France and Germany!

Check out Rebecca’s Top 5 Reasons for traveling with us!

Why do you travel: Not only does it educate you about this vast and incredible world every minute you’re exploring somewhere new… Traveling is an entirely out of body experience. Sounds weird, right? But it IS! You’re this refreshed version of yourself, a free bird if you will, when you’re traveling and you don’t really get to soak in all the things you’ve done until that particular trip is over. It’s like one big whirlwind, but when it’s done (which it never really is) you don’t feel exhausted or ready to leave, you feel invigorated and ready for more. Damn that pesky travel bug…


Favourite travel memory with FnEZ: Favourite?? Like I have to pick one?? Can I just say the moment I got off the plane in Bangkok and Shayla and Eric wrapped me in huge hugs was the moment everything clicked right into place– that’s a pretty great memory.

I’ll follow it up with one later in the trip though… So it’s the last day of our jungle trek, we hiked through the mountains A L L day, dripping sweat, some of us injured, some having stomach problems… But when we finally got to our last home stay, it was right by a river. We immediately exchanged our sweat-soaked clothes for our bathing suits and made a bee-line for the water. It was stunning. Hanging out with everyone and relaxing all evening, until something even more incredible happened.

Two elephants the people at the home-stay take care of wandered back home for dinner when our hosts BROUGHT THEM DOWN INTO THE RIVER FOR US TO PLAY WITH. WE PLAYED WITH ELEPHANTS IN THE RIVER IN THE JUNGLE. AS IF I can say I did that. Fed them, bathed them, played with them. And later that night? We sent traditional Thai lanterns into the sky–one to signify all of the things we want to let go of and one to remember all the things we want to embrace. I guess that’s more of a travel day. But I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect experience right in that moment.

Most embarrasing/hilarious travel story: As soon as I saw this question I knew I was in trouble… One embarrassingly, HILARIOUS story which I would totally get sold out for if I didn’t share goes a little something like this…

The first day I landed in Bangkok, pretty much everyone FnEZ partied in the Wild Orchid lobby–it was a little bit intimidating, but nothing a bucket couldn’t fix! I had not yet been warned BUCKETS ARE FOR SHARING! My roommate and soon to be soulmate, Katie, showed up a little bit later and we absolutely hit it off. Hours and buckets later we shut down the lobby at around 6a.m. After sleeping until the late afternoon, we hit the streets of Bangkok to do some exploring and well, I wasn’t feeling so hot… **BUCKETS ARE FOR SHARING** I ended up vomming all over myself and the ground behind the McDonald’s on Khao San Road. A word to this wise: Always carry Baht for bathrooms and water for your soul!


Top 3 items you can’t travel without: My neck pillow, my sarong and my phone/camera! (Can I add a fourth? This miracle cream in an orange tube from SE Asia — LIFESAVER for bug bites)

What do you love about traveling with FnEZ: The freedom! Yes, you’re traveling with a group, yes there’s a form of “itinerary”, but it is in no way limiting. The leaders are incredibly tuned into whatever area they’re traveling through with you and are totally open to making anything you want happen. As Shayla would say, “do what feels right with your body!” I love that FnEZ gives you the confidence to be able to travel alone or with a group and be able to put a big check mark beside all things on your bucket list!


Next bucket list item you NEED to check off: SOUTH AFRICA!

Any future travel plans: As I work my way to S.A. I’m hoping to head to Philly next fall… Before that, New Orleans for my 21st, see you in September!

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